more Halloween stuff!

 caramel apples
You just need to microwave your caramels and dip the apples in. mine were chocolate caramels, that's why the color is so dark.
 Red orange juice, which I labled fresh vampire blood:)

 Halloween snack table for Rebeca and her friends.
 I did all this in 3 hours. We were out this weekend and I literally had no time to prepare anything.

Waiting for her friends to arrive.
It was a great play date. they all had a great time and screeeeeamed......  it was so much fun.

Halloween monster bites!!!!

I've been away for two days and we returned today, just in time for Halloween:).
Rebeca is having a Halloween play date and I made a couple of things for her and her friends. 
The first snack I am going to show you is called monster bites.
This is how you can make them
 Necessary ingredients: red apples, peanut butter and white mini marshmallows.

 slice the apples and spread some peanut butter on them.

 put mini white marshmallows on one slice, so they look like teeth.

and ... these are the monster bites! easy and simple.
If you want to see what I did last year for Halloween click here.
Happy Halloween!!!!!

Water pot Christening cake

 A dear friend of mine asked me to make this cake for one of her God daughters on the special occasion of the little one's baptism.
 I am told everyone loved the cake so that makes me one really happy caker:)))

Happy caking everyone!

no theme cake:)

Didn't know what to do here, so I went with the zebra stripes as they are a favorite on my list. The rest just came as I was working on it. Simple, yet beautiful.

Katy perry's California girls cake

 Oh, This was such a cool cake to make. The coolest!

I do not know if you've seen the Katy Perry video for the California Girls. It is all in candy land, it is soo cool, and I was asked to recreate that cake that you can see in the video, with what it was available to me here and at a much smaller scale. I loved making it!
When Rebeca saw it she said she wanted the same cake for her next birthday:)

and here is the video I've been telling you about

another shoe cake

 Another shoe box cake. This time a Chanel shoe:) Made for a young and beautiful 17 year old. I wrote her name on the board with a Chanel lipstick:) I hope the birthday girl enjoyed the detail.

Different views

Hope you liked your cake Ilinca. Happy birthday to you!

Ulysse Nardin watch cake

I was really anxious to show you this cake before all the others, as it is my pride and joy of this cake weekend:)
 I payed much attention to the details so that it came out just right, and I think it did.
this is the real thing, the real beauty, my inspiration
and this is my cake, well actually Septi's cake:)

 We decided to make it in silver, as my golds were too strong and the birthday guy didn't like gold anyhow.
The blue on the cake was darker than it shows in the photos, not like the original pic, but much closer than we can see here. I did not do the seal stamping, as it would have made it very hard to write and paint all those lines on an uneven surface.

different view

Teddy bear diaper cake

 It has been a while since I made one of these. 
On this one I went with fall colors, as I was asked not to use pink, and I have to say I really like the outcome.
Looking forward to making another one:) 
I have 4 friends that are pregnant! You all know what they are going to get as a present when the babies come, right?:)

Donald duck cake

Made for the little son of a friend of mine. The special request on this cake was to put all those small sugar paste balls on the bottom of the cake. The kids love them and they all try to get their hands on them before the cake is cut.

Blue teddy bear Christening cake

 Totally inspired from one of Anne Heap's cakes.   
I like the color combination a lot. Very fit for a boy, sweet and cute yet strong and bold.  Love it.

a cute give away!!!!

Maybe you don't know this, but I am a fan of handmade things and an even a bigger fan of Carmen's handmade things!
I've already bought a few things from her and I loved them all!!!! My daughter also loves her creations a lot. She takes away everything I buy from Carmen:))
Carmen has decided to make a cute giveaway and I am spreading the news here, so that you can all participate if you want to.
This is what she is giving away
Stop by her blog and read what you have to do in order to win these cuties. 
Good luck everyone!

flower & hearts cake

Remember the video tutorial below? the cake I showed you how to cover in fondant?
Well ...this is the finished cake.

 I made this cake for a 13 year old girl. I hope she liked it.
Happy birthday Maria!!!

how to cover your cake in fondant - video tutorial

Quite a few of you have asked me about how I cover my cakes, without any wrinkles and so on. Bianca and Diana you guys wanted to see how I did it, so for you and many others I chose to make a video tutorial this time.
It takes practice though, I was not able to cover my cakes so smooth right from the beginning. Still I am sure this video will help. Please keep in mind that this is only my way of doing it, it might not be the best way there is, or the right way for that matter.

Sorry about the background:)))) The radio was on, also some strange alarm keeps going off lately and it had to start just when we started filming this. I am trying to figure out ways to take off the sound, but until then please bare with me.

Last Friday's cakes

 A football ball cake, that turned out quite flawless.  I love it when I can make them so close to the real thing. Pretty proud of it:)

 Another Noah's arc cake. 
They liked so much my first try at this, they wanted a similar one. This time I made it a bit different than the first one; I changed some animals, added new ones, tried not to repeat myself entirely.

 different views

 and another tyre cake. this time a Ferrari tyre.