2010 countdown cake

Made for tomorrow, last day of 2009. I felt it was an appropriate design.

winter scenery cake

The pine trees were made with ice cream cones and piped butter cream, the snow is coconut.

basketball cake

Made for a boy turning 10 right on the 31st. I was asked to write his name, hence the basketball shirt with the boy's name and age on it.

winter on a farm cake

I made this cake for a 2 year old girl. I was given total freedom with the design and I decided to go with this one, which I saw on the pink cake box's blog and just loved it.

Xmas tree & Santa cake

This one involved a lot of labor, my wrist hurt badly by the time I finished it.
I am so delicate:))))))))))))))))))))))))

And this one was pain free:)))))

Happy holidays everyone!

another dragon & castle cake

I was asked to do this cake again, this time for a 6 year old. I did it a bit different than my first, because I do not like to do the exact same thing again. This way I get to try out new ways and see how things turn out. Also, the moment's inspiration is never the same and I just love to give in to that moment:)
The dragon was red as per the boy's request. I like my second try at this design. Hope the boy loved it.
I also put a flag with the boys name on it but failed to take a picture afterward.

Happy birthday Bogdan!!!!!

Xmas cakes & Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish all my followers and readers a Merry merry Christmas.
I am going to leave you with the two cakes I did today for this special occasion.

new boy diaper cake

I made this diaper cake for a friend of mine who is going to give it as a gift to another friend of hers. Luckily, we have friends, right?
It includes an Anne Geddes original toy and ~ 80 diapers.

my third award!!!!

I just received my third award from a lovely and friendly blog JUST ME (please be sure to check it out) and I finally decided I should also publish my awards. I don't know why but I felt I was not deserving of them and I should not flaunt it then. All these girls share step by step instructions and recipes, and put so much more time and effort into this, that I feel I do not rise to their level. But this time is an appreciation award, so I felt good and happy and proud that I am appreciated.
I think I am going to dedicate a space on my blog to my awards and start publishing them all from now on. Thank you for thinking of me. It's a great feeling to know you are appreciated.

So here is my award

gummy bear cake

I was not sure how I would pull it off, but I am more than happy with my gummy bear.
When Rebeca saw it, she went: gummy bear!, gummy bear! I want this for my next birthday.
I am sure she will change her mind at least 5 times by then.:)

Of course there are a couple of details that I would change next time to get a better gummy bear, but this is how one learns.

zebra pattern cake

I love this cake. I love the zebra pattern and the contrasting pink. I think it is a great combination, fit for a girl.
I use the clouds on many of my pictures lately, as I take the photo on the table where I work, so there are always so many things in the frame, that I have to cover afterward. It would be easier to just take the cake somewhere else, but....

new bible cake

A bible cake that a friend of mine took as a gift to her Godfather. ( I know, Italian influence and the movie "Godfather" gave this word a totally different meaning).
I am told it was a big hit, so I couldn't be happier.

princess cake for Patricia

This cake was made for a dear friend of my daughter's, Patricia. I hope she liked it. I really tried to make it sweet and delicate. I know the parents liked it, so I am half way there:)
The kids had a great time at the party. Happy birthday Patricia!

a car for Eric

made for adorable 2 year old Eric. Happy birthday Eric and his mummy!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed it. Loved the party pics.
kisses to both of you

and the winner is........

Aproape ca era sa uit ca azi e 12!!!!!!!
castigatoarea concursului cookie cutter-urilor este.......

Flori said...

ma bucur ca te-am gasit! citeam blog-ul unui copil de 4 ani,am trecut la lista lui de favorite si iar am ajuns la bucatarie.felicitari pt.torturile tale,ai talent,imaginatie si mai ales rabdare!!! bucataresc si eu,dar la ornat...nu prea stralucesc.
o saptmana frumoasa!

Flori, te rog sa imi lasi adresa ta unde sa iti trimit cele castigate.

The little mermaid cake

Ariel birthday cake.
It was supposed to be a small cake so I decided to sit her on a cliff surrounded by water.

just a reminder

ultima sansa de a va inscrie la concursul avand ca premiu cookie cutters.
va pun din nou postarea originala.

Se apropie Craciunul, si in spiritul Craciunul m-am gandit sa fac cadou un set de forme de taiat biscuiti, cu tema Craciunului, bineinteles. Am cautat sa gasesc forme diferite fata de cele ce le puteti gasi in mod normal la supermaket, asa ca fericita/ fericitul castigator va primi acasa:
1 forma ren mare
1 forma ren mica
1 forma om de zapada
1 forma mos Craciun cu sacul in spate
1 forma ingeras

Poate participa oricine. nu exista reguli. tot ceea ce trebuie sa faceti este sa imi lasati un mesaj la rubrica comentarii a acestei postari. nu uitati sa lasati si adresa de mail, sa va pot contacta in cazul in care veti castiga.
Rebeca, fetita mea va alege norocosul castigator/e.
Castigatorul va fi anuntat tot pe acest blog in 12 decembrie, astfel va vor putea ajunge la timp de Craciun:)

Noroc tuturor si astept mesajele voastre.

present box cake

Pink & brown present box cake. The interior was dark chocolate mousse with cherries.

girly cake

I made this cake for a little girl turning 1.
Her mum sent me a photo of a cake she found on the web and I just duplicated it. I really like it. it came out better than I expected. The green I used was actually more soft and more yellowish. But my camera needs a younger sister. I hope Santa will bring it a baby Nikon.

and another view so that you can see the flowers.

Santa stuck down the chimney & the making of

Christmas is just around the corner!!!!
This is a cake that I have also done last year. It's design was inspired by a cupcake that I have seen on the web decorated similar to this. So I though to myself, why not make it into a cake.
People liked it a lot and I am now beginning to get repetitive requests for it.
Last year I was not blogging at that time, so I am posting it now.

Also, for all of you out there that read me, here comes a picture step by step "tutorial".
Hope you enjoy it!

and the finished cake ...

dragon castle cake

Made for a young boy who wanted a castle with a dragon on it. The mom wanted color, so this is what I did for them. I hope they liked it! I did not get a chance to see them when I delivered the cake.

This is a closer look, you can see I also put a small crocodile in the water surrounding the hill with the castle.

pumpkin & bee cake

This cake was made for 2 boys; one turning 4 and the other one turning 1!
They had a Carnival party and the 4 year old went as a pumpkin and the little one went as a bee. Hence, this cake's design.
As you can see I put 4 little bees on the pumpkin representing the boy's age, and a little pumpkin in front of the bee, representing the age as well.
I also had the boys' name written on each character.
I really hope they liked it.
Happy birthday boys!!!!!!!

my second Minnie!!!!!!!

Ok, so practice makes perfect. right?
This is better than my first one, don't you think? the bow is definitely nicer and better. I also like the face more than the first's. This is what happens when you get to make the same cake several times; you get to learn from your "mistakes" and change the things you did not like before. Imagine doing like 100 Minnies... I think one could really be close to perfection by that time:)

flower pot cake

I just love how this flower pot cake turned out. I "planted" pink roses and Gerbera daisy.

bible cake

The photo does not do justice to the cake. Black is very difficult to photograph, as you all know, and the camera's flash is not helping at all.

electric guitar cake

Made for a handsome young boy who loved his guitar, so that is all that matters; no point in adding something else.

shoe box & shoe cake

Yesterday it was my good friend Alina's birthday. I never did a shoe box with a shoe and it was more than appropriate for Alina (shoes are quite an obsession for her, as they are for yours truly:))) ), so I decided to make her one.
The name written on the box is one of her favorite shoe stores, the size of the shoe is ....... something we should not reveal.
Like I always say, the number of years and of pairs of shoes that I have is "SECRET":)
The shoe was done free handed, no pattern used, so it took a little bit longer:)
but it came out pretty good for a first try.
If you click on the image you'll see it on a larger format and you'll have a closer view of the shoe.

Happy birthday ALINA!!!!!!!

car wheel cake

I was asked to do a car for the birthday of a guy who just got his driving license as well, but they wanted the inside of the cake to be something light, not sweet, so I went with my yogurt mousse cake, which cannot be sculpted into any shape. So I suggested a car wheel instead. It seemed to me it would be more funny this way, not a car, just a wheel, i thought it would get more laughs, than a car. And so it was. Here is the cake