Jewelry box cake

 My first time doing a jewelry box. 
I gave it the extra effort as the person who I made it for was so deserving of it:)

 Inside full of jewelry

 and , yes my next big investment would be an air brush!
It took me 2!!! hours just to paint this cake!!! And the result is so far away from perfection...
 Love this cake!:)

Cinderella & Jaq

Made for a little girl that loves these two characters.
Last year she wanted snow white and two of the dwarfs:)

 And my Jaq, after eating a big slice of cake:))

Candy & sweets cake

 This little guy looves lollipops so I made him a cake full of sweets.
Happy belated birthday Mathi!

Knight castle cake

and this time a boy castle cake, with a knight on top
made for 4 year old Ved
Happy belated birthday Ved!

and my knight in shining armor:)

Lightning McQueen again

 and we just couldn't leave Mater alone, could we????
What can I tell you? it was a Cars weekend.


 for my handsome 4 year old nephew
I finally got to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeyy!!!!!

Lazy town cake

 for this Lazy town theme I went with the big red apple and modeled Stephanie and Sportacus.
 Happy birthday Georgia!