Ladybug Christening cake

 Ladybug is a very popular theme among girls and Christenings as well. I have done several Christening cakes with this theme, each time trying to make it different.

The topper of the cake is a ladybug carrying a baby on its wings. If you look closely you can see baby foot prints on the flower's stem.

The name of the little girl was written in red and black dots, very ladybug-ish:)) to tie in with the theme. White daisies with a ladybug in the middle were placed all around the three tiers of the cake. 

3D tweety portrait:))... again

 Another request for this popular cartoon character. 
But who doesn't love Tweety????
I for one, love him and I think he is really cute:) so I loooved making this cake.

Basket ball themed wedding cake

 Another cake from the"humidity at its best" series
Even the bride and groom shine, as you can see. 

 Not your usual wedding cake, but that just makes me love it even more:)

White flower wedding cake

 4 tiers of white with a huge flower in the front. 
Not my idea though, I was shown a photo of a similar cake. 

 Unfortunately, it was the hottest day ever and my petals are proof of that. They just wouldn't dry.
I still think it was a very beautiful cake.

iPhone 4 birthday cake

 Made for handsome 10 year old Vlad.
  We could not make it to the party, so the cake went on our behalf:)))
Happy birthday dear Vlad!

Couldn't find a title to capture it all... so read the post:))

I am back from my vacation, but with a reason this time:)
This Saturday, I was the proud Godmother of a very sweet and beautiful little girl.

I chose to personalize myself the things needed for this special event as I was thrilled by the idea of hand making things for her.  I feel hand making comes from the heart and it says you care, enough to spend your time making something rather than just paying for stuff.

I, of course, made the cake

 Not your typical Christening cake, one might say, but again, there is a reason behind it and, as you all know by now, these are my favorite cakes. 

and I also threw together a last minute dessert table in pink and white

I'll see all soon, I hope:)