football(soccer) field cake

A football field cake, made for a young boy that loves football. I decorated the whole field in butter cream. I did not go with fondant on this one, as I wanted to give it the grass effect. I think it looks much better this way. Fondant would have looked too plain. It took me a lot of time to cover the entire cake with grass. My wrist is still hurting:)
Players and gates are plastic, for Paul to take home after the cake is eaten.

how to color sugar

I am posting this to answer Simona's question of where to get colored sugar.
I make my own colored sugar, I do not buy it, as it comes in very small quantities and it is quite expensive.
This is how I make my colored sugar. 
You need: regular white sugar, which you pour into a plastic bag, and food coloring.

Add  one or two drops of food coloring, depending on how strong you want the color to be. you can add more after if you should need to.

Take the bag in your hands and start mixing the sugar so that the food coloring blends with the sugar. keep doing that until you have it all colored.

and voila! colored sugar. I keep mine stored in zipper plastic bags for a long, long time. When you want to use it again just mix it for two seconds and it is ready to be used again.
It is very easy. I hope this has been helpful Simona.

flower cupcakes & photo tutorial

Remember the cupcake book giveaway I posted about yesterday?
There was a page with some beautiful flower cupcakes among others, right? Well I gave them a try and they came out great.
But before showing them to you, I have to mention that I have seen them made on an amazing blog, Mari's cakes. She used them to make a flower basket cake. it looked amazing!!!! Please make sure you visit her page. She is amazing and she shares lots and lots of recipes and decorating techniques.
Mari I love your work and your blog!!

So this is my step by step flower cupcake tutorial. 
For a Spanish version, please go to Mari's flower basket cake post.

This is what I have used: mini white marshmallows, colored sugar, cupcakes, eatable pearls, royal icing

The first thing you should do is cut the mini marshmallows in half, diagonally.

Then press the cut side of the marshmallow into the colored sugar.
The inside part of the marshmallow is sticky and the sugar crystals will stick to it with no problem.

Then cover your cupcake with icing. I used royal icing ( egg white+ confectioner's sugar)

Then place the marshmallows on the cupcake one by one, starting with the bottom layer.

Continue to put them on the cupcake until you cover it completely.

When you finish covering the cupcake you will have this beautiful flower.

 Don't you think they look amazing?

Pink Little cake' s fabulous giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the blogs I follow is having a fabulous give away. Pink little cake is giving away this amazing new book called  What's New Cupcake ?
Here are a few pages from the book.

Please go visit her blog, besides being generous she is also very talented and  her creations are worth seeing. believe me!

tweety bird cake

I love Tweety and I was happy to make it again. I like doing kids cakes the most.
The inside of this cake was cheese and strawberries.

Christening cake

and a close up of the little shoes I made

winnie the pooh cake

Made for one of my daughter's friends.
Tanti auguri Chiara!

two in one cake!

This is a first! 
I had to do a cake for a boy and girl. So I decorated the front one way and the back of the cake a different way. I loved the idea!!!
The front of the cake. mermaids, colorful, very girly.

And the other front:))) pirate themed, fit for a boy.

fresh fruit and chocolate decorated cake

Trying to come up with new ways of decorating with fresh fruit:)
Strawberries and chocolate, an old time favorite!

elmo cake

My first time doing Elmo. I had fun making him. I hope the birthday boy loves his Elmo cake!
Decorated entirely in fondant.

hen cake

This is our gift to a very good friend of ours.
There is a meaning behind my choosing to make this cake. And believe me, it is bound to get a few laughs at the table when we take out the cake.
Cake decorated entirely in butter cream. I only used fondant for the egg and small details of the head,like the eyes, peak and the red things which I have no idea what they are called in any of the languages I speak.

My inspiration for this cake was a similar one I saw on Cup a Dee Cakes' blog a while back.
When I saw it  I said to myself I've got to make this cake for our friend.

guest featuring

It gives me great pleasure to show you a cake decorated by another blogger, after reading my chocolate border how- to tutorial.
 I am very happy about the fact that my tutorials are read and put to practice by other talented girls out there.
This cake belongs to Bianca from "Bucataria din Casa mea",a lovely blog full of great traditional recipes and much more.
I think she has done a great job on the chocolate border. don't you?
Congratulations Bianca!!!!!!

Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a post that is all about you, the girls that read me and follow my work and take the time to leave me such wonderful messages each and every time. Your messages give me such great joy. The first thing I do when I wake up is sit at my computer and read my comments. They make me feel appreciated and literally make my day!
Most of you have also awarded me these past days, so I thought I should tell you all how appreciative I am of all of you, of your thinking of me, of taking the time to write to me, of your supportive comments.
You make my blogging experience all worth it!!!!!!
Thank you  and again thank you!

Aceasta postare este dedicata voua, fetele ce ma citesc si urmaresc si care isi fac timp sa imi lase mesaje minunate de fiecare data cand postez ceva. mesajele voastre imi aduc multa bucurie. Primul lucru care il fac dimineata cand ma trezesc este sa ma asez la calculator sa imi citesc comentariile. Ma fac sa ma simt apreciata si efectiv imi fac ziua.
Multe dintre voi mi-au si dat premii in ultimele zile, asa incat m-am gandit sa va spun cat de mult va apreciez, cat de mult apreciez faptul ca va ganditi la mine, ca va faceti timp sa imi scrieti, si cat de mult apreciez comentariile voastre pozitive.
Voi sunteti cele care face ca toata experienta mea in lumea blogurilor sa merite!!!!!
Va multumesc si iar multumesc!

Este "post" esta dedicado a todas vosotras, las que me leeis y que seguis mi trabajo, las que tomais el tiempo para escribirme unos comentarios tan bonitos cada vez que publico algo. Vuestros mensajes me dan muchisima alegría. La primera cosa que hago al despertarme es sentarme delante mi ordenador y leer vuestros comentarios. Me hacen sentir apreciada y alegran mi día.
He pensado que os tenia que decir lo mucho que significaban para mi vuestros mensajes, el tiempo que tomais para escribírmelas y el apoyo que me dais.
Vosotros haceis que mi experiencia en el mundo de los blogs valga la pena!!!!!!
Gracias y aun mas gracias!

You do not have to publish your award unless you want to and please do not pass this along. This is an "award" especially thought for you that expresses my gratitude to you personally.

Nu trebuie sa publicati acest"premiu" decat daca doriti si va rog sa nu il dati mai departe. Este un premiu special gandit pentru tine care exprima gratitudinea mea  fata de persoana ta.   

No tienes que publicar este "premio" si no quieres, pero por favor no lo pases a otras personas. Este es un premio especialmente pensado para ti, que expresa mi gratitud hacia tu persona.