winnie the pooh cake

 Winnie is a very popular character among kids, so here is a new request for a Winnie cake.
This time, Winnie on top of two tiers of tiramisu cake.
I did learn a lesson here, i.e. tiramisu does not hold as well as other compositions. I should have given Winnie more support. Or, better yet, do not make tiramisu cake when you have to decorate it in fondant:)
Happy caking everyone!

Xmasy/ wintery cakes

 Santa's hot chocolate tub :)

skiing in the mountains

butter cream trees

gummy bear in Xmas :)

Xmas at North pole

Santa's list

Anna Sophia was born on the 25th of December! so her cake had to include Xmas and winter.

Melting snowman :))) and all the way from Canada, no less!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have received so many massages this Christmas here on the blog, by email, by messenger and even text messages on my mobile (those that do have my personal mobile no), that I had to make time and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.This Christmas turned out so much warmer than it usually is.
Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts. GOD bless you and your families. 

PS. don't eat too much:))))

Simba - Lion king cake

 I have so been waiting for this cake's turn to come so that I could share it with you all. 
It is definitely my last week's pride and joy:)))
 I love how it came out and I am proud of my work on this cake.
I just hope you can agree with me on this one:)
 Definitely  a new addition to my favorite cakes list.
Resembles Simba. Am I right?

and a new blog mentioning!!!!

yet another blog mentioning for me! oh yes!
How great is this Xmas going to get? I am happy to let you know that I have been mentioned again on a very cool and interesting blog. One of my cakes and my work made it to another blog once more. This can only make me feel appreciated for my work and I have to say I am so loving this:)
If you want to see the post about me and my cake please click below and while you are there browse the blog a little bit. I am sure you will find it interesting.

create animated gif

Thank you so much!

make up cake for Paty

Make up cake again, for my daughter's friend. She had a great party with hair dressers and make up artists that made our girls even more beautiful, so the cake was within the theme of the party.
side view of the cake

I've been blogged about !!!!!!:)

SOOOOO happyyyyyy!!!!!!
Caroline from Caroline's cake company, made a list of her top 5 favorite Xmas things. 
Can you believe one of my cakes and I made it to her favorite 5 things this Xmas?????
How cool is that? I am so on top of the world right now...:)

This is the cake that made it to her list
Please go over to her blog and check out the entire post. It is worth reading and seeing, believe me! I love the ruffle cake that also made it to her list. 
Also, for those of you that haven't seen her blog yet, go check it out. It is truly inspirational!
Thank you Caroline! Xmas just got better:) 
love and kisses

Xmasy diaper cake:)

 So close to Xmas, winter everywhere you look...
how else could I have made this diaper cake?:)
packaging detail, the typical Xmas candy cane

lolly pop & candy cake

 This is my humble attempt to recreate one of the Cake Boss' designs.
This month's issue of Good food included an interview with the famous Buddy Valastro and there were a few of his cake pictures as well, so I recreated this one for a very beautiful young girl.
 back of the cake

and the front again:)

flowers, butterflies & ladybugs - looking forward to SPRING!!!!!!!!

 Made for the daughter of a friend of mine. She saw a similar one on my blog and wanted me to make it for her. I did it a bit differently, of course:)))
 close ups of the cake

Xmas under the sea:))

 I was asked to make my under the sea cake again for a little 3 year old and since we are close to Xmas I thought why not give them all Santa hats:) ... and this is how my Xmas under the sea cake came to life.
I also added some snowflakes under the sea, it snows in Xmas under the sea too:))
I have to say... I love it!
Here are a few close ups of the cake

No 1 cake

 Finally I got the chance to do a no 1 cake!!!! I've always wanted to do one, so when my dear friend Dorina asked me to make a cake for her little nephew turning 1 I thought to myself, here is my chance:)
  Since there is snow outside, everywhere you look, I went with the winter decor on my first no 1 cake.

 No 1 was made from a sheet rectangle cake cut and built into a 1 shape.

detail of the cute snowflakes,
made with a special cutter that I had recently purchased.