Musette bag & my first steamed cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Oh yes! This is my first steamed cake!!! 
And from this cake on I have steamed all my cakes and will continue to do so.
An easy way to remove all the white sifted sugar and cornstarch.  
I have used my mum's curtain steamer:)))) but it works just fine. 
Thank you Just me for putting this idea into my head.

closeup of the Musette detail

 When you steam a cake it gets all wet in the beginning but if you give it half an hour it will all dry up and you will have an even bright color on the whole cake. I love how it looks.

back of the cake, just as important

ship cake

 A boy that doesn't want a car!!!! nor does he want some super hero. finally!
I love it!

 I was asked to put two small fish in the water.

 I like how it came out. Quite proud of my first ship:)

KTM motorbike helmet

 My first time doing a helmet. I am happy with the shape and the sculpting.
The white dusty shading not visible in reality, the flash of the camera makes it visible in the photos though.
side view
back of the helmet

snow white dwarf cake

 I think the question here should be which one of the dwarfs is it?:)))))
But I do like it.

ballerina shoes cake

 Made for a dear friend of Rebeca. She is a gorgeous 9 year old ballerina.

 The cake was a surprise from her mum.

Ballerina shoes made by hand, no pattern used.

And now, a little tip for you my followers ... this is how I made my pillow embellishments ( no idea what they are called in English:))).
 oh yes!... I used a regular garlic press!!!!  I saw this idea a while back on a Spanish blog that I am following but I do not remember which one, so I cannot give any credits. 

You just push a ball of fondant in there
 and you press it like it was garlic:))

With a knife cut off your perfect all equal little threads. Enjoy the tip!:)

And NO, your fondant does not smell like garlic.
My press does not have any smell at all. I always wash it immediately after use so no smell issues there.

flower vase cake

 I have done flower pots before but never done a flower vase up to now. So when I was asked to do one,  I immediately said yes. I thought about how I would construct it and gave  it a try. I love its shape.I think it came out great. I am supposed to make another next weekend so I already know what I am going to do differently:) looking forward to it.

coral and fish cake

Just a small cake I did as a favor for a friend's daughter. She wanted a cake and she was counting the months to her birthday and her super mum:)) decided to surprise her with this cake. You do not need to wait for a birthday to celebrate it with cake, you can do it any day you want to. I totally agree, don't you?


yupiii... I know many of you have got much more than 200 but these 200 are mine!:)) 
I am sooo happy and proud to have reached this number that I couldn't let it go by without mentioning it.

Thank you all for following me!

white, pink and violet polka dots cake

 Made for a 9 year old girl. 
The birthday girl chose the design and the colors herself.

more cakes:)

 a company logo cake

A yellow guitar for a 18 year old young man.
I was sent a photo of a miniature guitar and I made it into a cake.

Ben 10 cake

Made for Andrei, the same boy I had made the basketball cupcakes for. This is the cake he had at the birthday party. He asked for a Ben 10, just the head and that is what I made him.

ski boot cake

 Made for one of my friend's dad, who's a big fan of this sport.
Did not have much time for the details, as I was sooo busy that day, but I think it came out all right.
Not an easy cake. It was quite a large cake and it was difficult to cover it without the fondant getting torn, but in the end I managed to give it a pretty decent look.

and now ... Minnie, of course:)

 A few days after I had made Mickey, I was asked to make a Minnie cake for a little girl.
It is basically the same cake, I just added the eye lashes and the bow and I had myself a Minnie.
I also made 3 ear silhouettes to hold the candles, I think they added a nice touch to the cake. 

Mickey cake for Alex

 Alex is my nephew and he turned 3. Of course, I made his cake. Since the cake had to travel 3 hours by car, I chose this design, safe for transporting.
here are a few pics from the birthday party.
 This is my curly haired Alex and his cake.

 Alex's little brother Razvan, enjoying the cake:) How cute is he?
 the two little guys in our life
Happy birthday Alex. We all love you.