Fisherman cake

 Made for a fishing lover.Pictures taken at the warehouse of the company I delivered it to.
It was a huge cake, made to feed 150 people. 
Sorry I have not got better pictures. I was running late with this cake and I had no time to take proper pictures, nor did I had the time to put the finishing touches I had thought of. If only I had 4 more hours:))))
But I still loooove my cake:))

our big capture:)
 The sleeping fisherman

 side view of the fisherman
unfortunately, I haven't got any more shots

and the whole cake again

desk cake

 I was asked to make a cake in the shape of a desk, and so I did.
Since the desk itself was a pretty simple shape, I added some details to complete the image of my desk cake.
 a payment order, an ashtray and a coffee mug that reads: "the best boss":)

 and of course the big boss himself, sitting behind the desk and resting his eyes for a minute:)
I gave him a laptop as well

 two file folders

 side view

the chair was sculpted out of polyester foam and covered in black fondant
back view

Open book cake

 I think this is a first for me. 
The poem was written by the birthday girl's husband for her.
very romantic, right?

Scooby doo themed cake

 My very first Scooby doo themed cake.  
I used to watch this show quite a lot when my daughter was little, so somehow it had some sentimental value to me:) I loved working on it.

 Frightened Scooby and Shaggy

 I, of course, added a haunted castle on top, eyes in the dark all around the cake, tree silhouettes and the name of the birthday boy to complete the cake.

pearls & a flower

 A friend of mine showed me this cake in a photo some time ago and ever since I've been wanting to make it myself.  Well, I got my chance:) and I am very happy and pleased with the result.

 Pearls made with a mold,
the flower is a combination of a rose and a peony:))  made without special flower cutters.

Twin diaper cake

 Posted in a hurry so that my friend M will get off my back:)
hope you're happy M!

close up of the details

Aikido themed cake

 Marc is very passionate about Aikido, so his parents thought his birthday cake should reflect his love for this sport.
 I chose to work with the colors of his club and I wrapped a black belt around the top tier to stick with the theme.
Outfits made to the best of my abilities as seen on his club web page.

Tooth cake

 Made for a friend of mine on her birthday. You can guess her occupation, right?:))

I also added a tooth filling on it, just like in the old times:)) otherwise it would have been all too white:)

White teddy bear cake

 Our birthday girl wanted a white bear with a red bow and this is how I envisioned it for her.

 I decorated it using the new technique I tried out on my skiing cake, i.e. melting the fondant and placing it on the cake with a spoon.
back of the cake

Owl Christening cake

 For the Christening of little David.
His mum wanted an owl on top of three tiers of cake.So there you have it.
 I always loved the aqua red color combination, so I finally got my change and did it.
detail of the name plaque
 our wise owl

Little mermaid cake

 Sasha loves the little mermaid so I made him a cake with his favorite character.

 all hand modeled