pumpkin & bee cake

This cake was made for 2 boys; one turning 4 and the other one turning 1!
They had a Carnival party and the 4 year old went as a pumpkin and the little one went as a bee. Hence, this cake's design.
As you can see I put 4 little bees on the pumpkin representing the boy's age, and a little pumpkin in front of the bee, representing the age as well.
I also had the boys' name written on each character.
I really hope they liked it.
Happy birthday boys!!!!!!!

my second Minnie!!!!!!!

Ok, so practice makes perfect. right?
This is better than my first one, don't you think? the bow is definitely nicer and better. I also like the face more than the first's. This is what happens when you get to make the same cake several times; you get to learn from your "mistakes" and change the things you did not like before. Imagine doing like 100 Minnies... I think one could really be close to perfection by that time:)

flower pot cake

I just love how this flower pot cake turned out. I "planted" pink roses and Gerbera daisy.

bible cake

The photo does not do justice to the cake. Black is very difficult to photograph, as you all know, and the camera's flash is not helping at all.

electric guitar cake

Made for a handsome young boy who loved his guitar, so that is all that matters; no point in adding something else.

shoe box & shoe cake

Yesterday it was my good friend Alina's birthday. I never did a shoe box with a shoe and it was more than appropriate for Alina (shoes are quite an obsession for her, as they are for yours truly:))) ), so I decided to make her one.
The name written on the box is one of her favorite shoe stores, the size of the shoe is ....... something we should not reveal.
Like I always say, the number of years and of pairs of shoes that I have is "SECRET":)
The shoe was done free handed, no pattern used, so it took a little bit longer:)
but it came out pretty good for a first try.
If you click on the image you'll see it on a larger format and you'll have a closer view of the shoe.

Happy birthday ALINA!!!!!!!

car wheel cake

I was asked to do a car for the birthday of a guy who just got his driving license as well, but they wanted the inside of the cake to be something light, not sweet, so I went with my yogurt mousse cake, which cannot be sculpted into any shape. So I suggested a car wheel instead. It seemed to me it would be more funny this way, not a car, just a wheel, i thought it would get more laughs, than a car. And so it was. Here is the cake

minnie mouse cake

This is my first Minnie mouse cake. I think I could have done a much better bow, but you know what they say: practice makes perfect.

kids cakes

two cakes for two 1 year olds: one for a boy and one for a girl

Align Centerthe little boy got a pumpkin cake, very season appropriate
Happy birthday Stefan!

and the little girl got a ladybug, because she is the cutest little thing, just like a little ladybird.
A comes from Anastasia, her name.
Happy birthday Anastasia! looking forward to seeing your cute little face soon.

musical cake

Voy a escribir esta vez en castellano, por que quiero compartir todo lo que viene con mi amiga Isabel.
esta es la tarta tina turner :)))))

Os explico: esta tarta era para una fiesta karaoke, donde todos ivan disfrazados de cantantes. la ideea era hacerle un tarta dizfrazada tambien de tina turner, segun la idea que vi en la pagina de la famosa y talentada anne Heap de Pink cake box ( se trataba de una tarta disfrazada de bon jovi).
Pero, yo queria hacer algo diferente para la cumpleanera, ya que en cada ocasion come mis mismas tartas, y entonces hice una receta diferente, que me fallo a lo grande. la tarta no tenia la altura necesaria, era muy blanda, no podia hacer nada con esa tarta. un dezastre. llore y todo.
al final llame la cumpleanera y le pedi que me diera permiso hacer otra cosita,para no tener que llevarle un fracaso total. Afortunadamente, ella comprendio y esta la tarta que hice al final. me dio muchissimo trabajo, mucho mas que las recetas habituales, pero bien al final consegui un resultado bastante presentable.
asi que mi querida isabel, aqui tienes a tina turner:))))

FREE give ayay!!!!!!!!

Se apropie Craciunul, si in spiritul Craciunul m-am gandit sa fac cadou un set de forme de taiat biscuiti, cu tema Craciunului, bineinteles. Am cautat sa gasesc forme diferite fata de cele ce le puteti gasi in mod normal la supermaket, asa ca fericita/ fericitul castigator va primi acasa:
1 forma ren mare
1 forma ren mica
1 forma om de zapada
1 forma mos Craciun cu sacul in spate
1 forma ingeras

Poate participa oricine. nu exista reguli. tot ceea ce trebuie sa faceti este sa imi lasati un mesaj la rubrica comentarii a acestei postari. nu uitati sa lasati si adresa de mail, sa va pot contacta in cazul in care veti castiga.
Rebeca, fetita mea va alege norocosul castigator/e.
Castigatorul va fi anuntat tot pe acest blog in 12 decembrie, astfel va vor putea ajunge la timp de Craciun:)

Noroc tuturor si astept mesajele voastre.

Blue, white & brown Christening

My youngest nephew's Christening took place this past Sunday. I wanted to show you my involvement in this special event.
First table decorations.
I went with the branches instead of the flowers, once more. It seemed more appropriate for a boy and also big saving on the budget. I chose to decorate with blue feather butterflies and birds. Also at my daughter's suggestion I used blue potpourri to spread on the table and glued a few on the branches as well. This was all her idea! Like mother like daughter:) right?
I've placed a brown table runner as well as some blue&brown candles, and that was it.
Also, each guest had blue/brown & white detail waiting for him/her at the table. I bought blue tulle, white almond candy (no idea what they are called) and tied it all up with brown ribbon.

This is the table the parents sat at. I added a cute purchased bird house to which I added some birds and butterflies of course. You can imagine that by the end of the evening, the house was all bear. All the kids loved the birdies and the butterflies:)
Behind them I hanged a branch wreath, with the same butterflies and birds.

I also made a candy buffet. In the end I had to work with a bigger table than I was initially told, and so the buffet seemed to be lacking a few things. But there was nothing I could do at the last moment.

And finally, the cake I made for Razvan's Christening.

I am going to leave you with a few photos of my daughter enjoying herself and one photo of myself(almost sleeping, as always) and a cousin of mine. When I get the photos taken by the professional photographer I'll post some more. Hopefully he managed to get a good photo of yours truly:)

lady bird party!!!!!!

Also from last week comes this lady bird themed cake, made for a 1 year old.
I just love lady birds, they are sooo cute and so fit for a cute little one year old girl. right?

I also made a small candy & sweets buffet for the 1 year old lady bird:)
I decorated the buffet with red tissue pom-poms. Please be sure to check out Martha Stewart's step by step instructions on how to make them.
They make really great, do it yourself, party decorations. I was not able to hang them from the ceiling so I hanged them on the back wall.

two new cakes

These are a couple of the cakes that I did last week.

Halloween party

Hello again,
I wanted to share with you all what I have done this year for Halloween. I am so very tired but at the same time anxious to post all those pics and see what you all think.

This is the small candy buffet that I have set up within the party

And this is the cake.
My husband built me a coffin out of cardboard which we spray painted black on the outside. For the interior I used self adhesive black paper. This is not a very good picture, but this is the only one I've got.

I have also done the food part. check it out please.