orange cake

An orange cake indeed! Inside orange cake, outside orange and chocolate decorations. I looove this type of cakes.
I saw something similar on Bucataria Denisei a while back and I liked it so much I immediately wanted to do it myself. I am talking decorations only.
Denisa, You've been my inspiration!

girly fish cake

Just another version of the fish cake I had done for my nephew a while back.  This time it was for a little cute girl turning 1. The inside was dark chocolate mousse with lots of cherries.

new awards!!!!!

First I want to give a big thank you to Just me, who is generously sharing all her awards with the rest of us.
And second, I would like to do the same thing and offer them to all of you, my dear readers.

A red car for Dominic

This is Dominic's favorite toy. He is turning 1 today, and his parents wanted me to make him a cake in the shape of his favorite toy.
Here is Dominic's car

And this is his cake

 Happy 1st birthday Dominic!

yet another ladybug cake

One of my most repeated cakes. Very popular among the little girls. Same cuteness each and every time:)
Love making them.

blue is for a boy

The middle tier butterfly is a hanging room decoration item. Sweet as a baby, right?

baby boy diaper cake

Made for a friend to give to her cousin, who gave birth to a baby boy recently. Hope the new mum likes it.

another princess cake

I seem to be getting lots of requests for princesses lately. This time I gave her a green dress. I hope the birthday princess loved her cake.

"know your limits" cake

Although I wasn't even going to post this, as it shows how bad I am at certain things, in the end I decided to do just that. I guess I felt I should be courageous enough and let people know about my failures.
I call this cake " know your limits" cake.
I was supposed to model a cute baby disguised as a bunny to put it on top of my cake. Well.... you can all see how good I am at modeling realistic characters.
I feel it ruined what it could have been a beautiful and sweet cake. So I have decided that from now on I will not do any realistic modeled figures for my cakes. This is obviosly not my thing and I feel it ruins the beauty of the cakes.
This is a close up of the cake without the topper.

much better! ... right?

boob cake - a slightly different aproach

Same old same old, just with a different twist & my first attempt at Cornelli lace.
I used one of those squeeze crayons to do it. Those are great for small details and small surfaces not for such a cake. We learn something new every time.

present box cake no 2

This is a cake I made for a special lady who is trusting me with her cake for the third time.
She asked for something colorful and happy.
After almost going in a totally different direction, I chose to do a surprise present box in very happy colors.
In the end, I was very happy to have chosen this design. Wish I did the lid bigger, but very happy with the result.

Heart shaped cake for Valentines Day

I was asked to do a red heart cake. I could not decide how to decorate it. Initially I was going to go in a different direction, decoration wise, but then I wanted to use my recently purchased small heart cutters and so ... here you have my heart shape cake.
I like how it turned out.
Check out the small white hearts I put on the cake. They are sooo small... confetti size small. I love my new cutters.

Basketball court cake

My first basketball court cake. I was asked to include the local basketball team's logo. The kid is a big fan of this team. I hope he liked it.
Happy birthday Kiki!!!!!!!

two chocolate & fruit decorated cakes

I have been quite busy doing cakes the past few days and I am going to share each and everyone of them with you all. Even the ones that have been a bit disappointing to me:)
But lets start with my chocolate decorated cakes. Wish I had fresh fruits for decorations.

This first one , was dark chocolate mousse, whipped cream and fruits. I was not to supposed to use and milk or milk related products. When using dark chocolate, look on the back and read the ingredients. Some brands use powdered milk even in dark chocolate. I was able to find a brand that did not.

My second one was yogurt mousse and fruits. No restrictions here.
I love this type of cakes.

Food Network Challenge: Princess Cakes Final

It is soo late and I am soo tired, but I had to share this!!
Accidentally I stumbled upon this video and I immediately wanted to share it with all of you.
This is more than amazing!
I wonder if I'll ever get to that level.... in the meantime please join me into a complete admiration of such unbelievably great artists.
Enjoy the video!

sleeping beauty doll cake

Another doll cake. This time in pink and white as the princess of choice was Sleeping beauty.
Hope you like it. I made it a bit taller as it was supposed to feed more people.

cookie decorating how to + recipes

I am going to share a cookie decorating tutorial with you. hope it helps you, but please remember I am a novice at this and have not attended any classes or anything. There is probably a much better way out there to be making these.
First you want to make the cookie dough. you can use your own recipe, whichever you like best. I used a basic, simple sugar cookie recipe, no flavors added.

Cut the dough with the cookie cutter of your choice. I chose ducks and circles.

Bake them in the oven as per your recipe or until you see they are done. you do not want to over do them.

Let them cool down completely before starting to decorate them

I did the peak of the duck first, using decorating crayons from Dr Oetker. They are great for small details. you do not need to prepare royal icing for small things. they are also soooo very affordable.

While this hardened I prepared the royal icing, as this is how I chose to decorate my cookies.
you can make egg white royal icing, but I chose to use Wilton's meringue powder for safety issues.
meringue powder is an egg white substitute. It's egg white powder, and it is free of risk. It did not feel safe using raw egg whites and give them to so many people. You can very well use pasteurized egg whites, but since they are not available here in Romania, I went with the Meringue powder.

The recipe is very simple.

Royal icing

3 tablespoons Meringue powder
~500 gr of confectioners' sugar
6 tablespoons of warm water

Beat all ingredients until icing forms peaks.

Then you want to do the outline of the cookies. You should add some water to your royal icing so that it won't be so stiff. You do not want it runny though.

Use the color of your choice and do the outline.

Then you need to flood the cookies. For that, you need to add more water to your colored royal icing so that it becomes slightly runny. Too much water will make it more difficult to work with and will spoil your work.

Using a tooth pick you have to extend the icing so that you completely cover your cookie. do not leave any uncovered spots.

Let them dry out really well.I left them over night and the next day, using the crayons I mentioned above, I started adding the details. These crayons are available at supermarkets, are very cheap, come in four colors and I totally love them and recommend them to everyone.

This is how mine looked in the end. Get creative and do what ever you like.
If you want, share your creations here. I will be happy to make another guest posting.

And this is my sweet heart about to be eating her 3D cookie, which she decorated herself.

Rosella, princess of the island cake

They wanted me to give the skirt plenty of folds, and so I did. It does look much better this way.
The piping was done with a green wilton glitter gel, they were out of blue.
I hope the little girl liked it just the same.

Sun themed Christening cake

This is a cake I did this past weekend for one of the warmest and loveliest families I had the pleasure of meeting. I can say this, as this is not the first time they ask me to make a cake for them, and every time I met them I was treated with the same warmth.
I wanted to mention that because it touched me deeply.
They picked out the cake's design form the web, sent me a picture and I tried my best to duplicate it. They liked it very much. They even were so thoughtful as to call me afterward and give me their appreciation.
Thank you for doing that! It was nice meeting you and thank you for trusting me with the cake on such a special event in your lives.

ducky cookies & decorating details

These were the cookies I have made within the rubber ducky theme, to be given as guest favors.
I'll post later on all the details you need to make these.

I am going to leave you with a few pictures of all the details I have put together for this special party. Nothing fancy, just simple and cute.
I am anxious to hear my friend's impressions, as she was away on a ski trip while I was making and delivering this surprise on her behalf.

rubber ducky cake

This is another one of my friend's surprise within the rubber ducky theme. The cake was chocolate and wild berries. The topper was a rubber ducky, not eatable.
Simple, cute and perfect for the theme we've picked, don't you think?
Loved doing it!

rubber ducky diaper cake

I haven't been posting for a few days now because of some computer related issues, but I am back today.
This is a rubber ducky diaper cake I made for a baby boy named Razvan.

This diaper cake includes ~ 80 pcs of diapers, rubber duckies, a duck baby toy and a towel wrapped around the middle tier of the diaper cake.
I loved making it. It had been a while since I got to make one of these and so I was actually looking forward to it.
This was a gift from a friend of mine to one of her relatives. She actually made them a surprise and we did quite a few of rubber ducky themed surprises for them at their party. This was one of them
What a generous and thoughtful person, my friend. They are lucky to have her in their lives.


Hello there,
Just wanted to share what I have been up to this past weekend. I've been shopping!!!!!!!
I found out last week, from florena's cakes, that there was a small company selling all kinds of stuff for making cakes in a city that is 107 km from where I live. So I couldn't delay it anymore, and I went with my family to Targu Mures. We spent the whole weekend there and I bought these...

wish they were a bit cheaper... but still pretty happy to have new tools and products.
looking forward to using them.
Just in case you want to pay them a visit as well, you can find this company here, they sell over the internet and all that, so check them out.