Captain Hook and Peter Pan pirate ship cake

I'll be back on the 2nd of January, when I will continue to post some other cakes that I have done these past days.
I hope you all have a great 2012! 
Looking forward to some new great cakes in the year to come. Wishing you the same,

Winnie the pooh themed cake

 I was just so tired of same old same old. I just did not wanna model again Winnie and his friends and place them on a round cake. I just had to do something different. 
Although the key to perfection, repetition is also a key step toward boredom:) So I try not to repeat myself that much. Thus, perfection is still  way ahead of me:))

 So here is a new version of a Winnie the Pooh themed cake.
I have to say, I absolutely love it!

still on the Xmas spirit...

 Can it be snowing under the sea????? 
looks like it:)
Xmas hats and snow, very Xmasy

 I think 70 is an age you should be proud of  so I went big on 70:)
snow man, snow flakes, candy canes, all very Xmasy to me

 And a Jimmy Choo shoe box cake
glitter and snow flakes say Xmas to me:)
so there you have it.
3 different themed cakes, but brought together by this beautiful season.
Enjoy the holidays!

a little sneak peak into my Xmas:)

A very small sweets table that I put together this Xmas.
Snowflakes, Xmas words, Snow balls, Xmas ornaments, Candy canes, all in red, white and blue.
 Paper snowflakes made by yours truly after a great tutorial found on the web here.

 Images found on the web, edited and then printed out

 Xmas ornaments cupcakes

fondant decorated Xmas cookies

Xmasy cakes

 A Xmas ornament cake, that I never got to do til now
and that I love
 I covered the ornament with glittered snowflakes to add some more magic :)

 and a Xmas tree decorated in butter cream and little fondant touches

So these were my Xmas cakes. I am going to visit you now and check out yours.
Hope you had a beautiful Xmas.

Melted snowman cake & MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!

 And on this funny note:) I want to wish you ALL a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have a peaceful and full of joy Xmas.
I want you all to know that this message, although not very profound, really comes from my heart. I am thinking of all of you my readers as I write these lines. Unfortunately I do not have enough time to write to each one of you separately, but my warmest thoughts go out to each and every one of you. 
Have a sweet Christmas everyone!

Oana's Christening

 Made for cute little Oana, the pride and joy of two of my high school classmates.
I was so happy to do this cake for them... 
Thank you for trusting me with this special event girls!

Toy motorbike and helmet cake

 Little Antony loooves his motorbike. His mum sent me pictures of it and hence the cake toppers.
I added some candy to make it more fun, and there you have Antony's birthday cake.

Ava's Christening

 This is the cake I made for Ava's Christening. The colors were supposed to be pink and yellow. I went with pastel colors for this cake.

 I added a few sleeping babies on top of the mushrooms to make it even cuter:)

 The name was all glittery, fit for a fairy tale.

I also did for her some cookies, that were waiting their guests on the napkin:)
All the following pictures were taken with my phone, so excuse the image quality.

I also made some cupcakes for the candy buffet that I set up.
Of course, both the cupcakes and the cookies were made to match the cake:)

and here are a couple of phone quality photos:) of the candy buffet