My summer vacation is finally here!!!!!! 
  Although I will be missing you all terribly, I am sooo happy to have my vacation time ....
I'll be back on the 20th of August!

a different wedding cake

 not your typical wedding cake I would say:) I so love it! 
There is a wonderful story behind this cake and every detail has a meaning and I have to say this was a cake I was looking forward to.
 Unfortunatelly I do not have the time to start writing the story, so I am going lo leave you with the pictures:)) Enjoy!
 meet Sam:)

 the engagement ring

and the motorbike helmet with a little ladybug on it, that brought us here to this wedding:)

Kids cakes from this weekend

 a princess in pink for Iulia

 A dog coming out of a handbag for Teo. 
Due to the high temperatures, the butter cream work was a real adventure:)

 Mickey's clubhouse for 2 year old Tania, although in fondant, also quite a challenge with all this heat. it gave me plenty of work.

and a no 1 cake with cars for little Nicholas.

Wedding cake topper

 A wedding cake topper I made for two of the most original people I know! You should have seen the wedding decorations!!!
This is how they wanted their cake topper: the Globe, an airplane flying over it, the bride with a surfboard and the groom with a snowboard.

1+1 = LOVE cake

Totally inspired by one of Anne Heap's designs. She is so talented and truly inspirational to many of us. I for one love her style .
 I had to make an engagement cake but I just didn't want to make it look like a wedding cake at all. I did not want any flowers on it, I did not know the couple so I went with Anne's cake design. I think it is fun, does not say wedding, although it reads:) love in many ways, mathematically included.
The topper is a HE and a SHE, made out of geometrical elements.

Louboutin shoe box cake

 Yes, the sole and the inside of the heel were red:))
I just forgot to take the right angled picture:)

Medical doctor robe cake

 Made for someone who has just graduated the medical university.

3D Thomas the engine tank cake

 It has been a while since I have done one of these:) I Actually forgot how it looks:)) ... so it was a pleasure redoing it.

no 1 monkey cake

 another no 1 cake, this time with monkeys

Flaunting my recently aquired cake decorating tools:))))

Recently I bought quite a lot of new cake decorating tools and as you can understand I couldn't wait to test them. So, last weekend I tried out some of them on a few of my cakes.

 A bust cake:) on which I used a pattern embossing rolling pin, a border cutting strip and an embossed oval frame.

 A number one cake with gummy bear on top on which I used the same oval embossed frame and rolling pin and a lace border.

 A simple yet elegant round cake on which you can see the use of a pearl string mold on the bottom of it, crimpers for the board and some artistic cutters for the design  on the cake.

  Looking forward to trying out the rest of my new goodies. sooo happy ...:)))

Skateboard cake

 I was asked to make  a skateboard cake and write Richard somewhere so I thought why not make A Richard:)?