new awards!!!!!

More awards for me!!!! 
All I can do is thank these girls, for thinking of me personally when sharing their awards, but I really, trully appreciate their taking time to dedicate these awards personally and I want you to know that my thanks come from my heart and that I feel special when you award me.

This first award is from lovely Florena's cakes

And these next ones are from a very special to me blogger, Just me

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

and the winnner is....

First I have to tell you that I loved getting your comments and reading about what you were going to make for Easter. Everyone is making so many things...
I for one will not be doing anything this Easter, apart from cakes of course. Even the eggs I am thinking of buying them already dyed. The only thing I want to do is decorate some cupcakes with my daughter.I hope I get to that!

I loved each and everyone's comments, wish I could choose more than one winner, but only one of you gets to be the winner this time.
I have asked my husband to choose a number from 1 to 18, 18 being the number of people that entered my giveaway. He said 3, so here is participant number 3 in my comments list

Elena Toma
Interesanta initiativa! Felicitari! Aceasta sarbatoare este foarte speciala pentru mine de cand mama mea nu mai este decat in amintirile noastre. Pe masa se vor gasi preparate care-i placeau - oua "pestrite", piftie de curcan, sarmalute in foi de stevie, cozonac si pasca foarte speciala care se face in familie - si preparate care ne plac noua - salata de gat de miel, friptura aromata cu garnitura de fenicul si legume, drob... Toate acestea vor fi pe masa impodobita dupa intoarcerea de la biserica. A... si va fi si ceva "udatura" neaosa, pe langa rugaciunea catre Dumnezeu si recunoasterea ca "Christos a inviat!".
Congratulations Elena Toma!!!!!!!
Please email me your address so that I can mail you the goodies.
On the top left side of my blog you yave an email me button. Just click there and you can send me an email.
Happy Easter everyone. Thank you very much for participating.

last chance to enter my give away!

This is your last chance to enter my give away!!!!!!
just wanted to remind you of that.
This is what I am giving away 

click here to go directly to my give away post and enter the competition.

dragon cake

Finally a boy that did not want a car for his birthday! 
I was soo looking forward to this cake. It was a challenge! I worked ~ 8 hours just to decorate it. all those tiny circles on the tail and feet....Didn't even stop to eat, but in the end I was able to pull it off and here is my dragon.
Acum ca am mai multe cititoare din Romania, o sa scriu postarile si in romana.
In sfarsit un baiat care nu a vrut o masina pentru ziua lui!
Am vrut foarte mult sa fac acest tort. era diferit de ce facusem pana acum si era o provocare pentru mine. Am lucrat ~ 8 ore la acest tort, numai ca sa il decorez. Nici macar nu m-am oprit sa imi iau pranzul, nimic. am avut de facut la cerculete.... cele mici mici de pe coada si labe.... dar intr-un final am reusit sa il termin.

I added some grass and chocolate money on the board. 
Pe platou am decorat cu iarba si am pus monede din ciocolata, ca sa aiba ce pazi dragonul:)

If you look closely , you can see a firework coming out of its mouth. I put that in there so when they light it up it will look like the dragon spits fire out of his mouth. How cool is that?
 Daca va uitati atent, puteti observa ca are un articifiu ce ii iese putin din gura. L-am implantat in cap ca atunci cand scot tortul si il aprind sa arate ca si cum scoate flacari dragonul nostru pe gura. Cool, nu?

Capul si labele sunt din salam de biscuiti, corpul este tortul , iar coada este din fondant.
Close up of the head. 
Si aici un detaliu al capului.

boys will be boys

This Saturday I did two cakes for boys. What do you think they were?

What else? A car and an engine tank. Boys will be boys; right?


free give away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally spring has come in my town as well. I really hope it is safe to say it:)
I waited so much for it to come... I do not like cold winters at all. 
Also, Easter is almost around the corner, so I am feeling happier and wanted to share my good spirit with the rest of you.
So here is my second give away!!

I am going to send one lucky winner the following:
  • 1 kit writing gels from Dr. Oetker, it includes 4 colors
  • 1 silicone mat, to roll out your fondant or cookie dough, or what ever you please
  • 1 baking mat, to bake your cookies
All you have to do in order to win these products is to leave a comment at this post entry and tell me what you are planning on baking/cooking or doing for this Easter.
The competition stays open till the 30th of March
I'll be announcing the winner on the 31st of March.

PS. All you other fellow bloggers feel free to make a link to my post so that people reading you also get the chance to participate in this giveaway.

I Hope you win!!!!
In sfarsit a venit primavara si la  noi. Sper sa si ramana, si sa nu fi vorbit prea repede:) O astept de foarte mutl timp, nu imi plac iernile friguroase chiar de loc. 
Si pentru ca si Pastele este aproape, sunt mai fericita si ami bine dispusa si m-am gandit sa impart cu voi toti buna mea dispozitie.

Asa ca, am hotarat sa cadorisesc urmatoarele!!

Am sa trimit unui norocos castigator/castigatoare urmatoarele:
  • 1 set creioane colorate pt decor, Dr. Oetker, contine 4 culori
  • 1 lamina silicon pentru a intinde fondantul sau aluatul de biscuiti, sau pt orice altceva il veti utiliza
  • 1 coala pentru cuptor, pentru a va putea coace biscuitii

Tot ceea ce trebuie sa faci ca sa castigi aceste produse este sa lasi un comentariu la aceasta postare si sa imi spui ce intentionezi sa gatesti sau faci de aceste Pasti.
Competitia este valabila pana in 30 martie.
O sa anunt castigatorul pe data de 31 martie.

PS. Celelalte colege blogger-ite puteti sa faceti daca doriti  un link la aceasta postare, astfel avand sansa de a participa si cititorii vostri.
Sper sa castigi!!!

how to make and add your own email button

 After making my blog's button, I decided to change the email button I had, and make my own so it fitted nicely with my blog's design.
In order for you to make one for yourself you need to do the following:
  1. choose the image of your liking. It can be any photo, image that you have saved on your computer. I chose to use elements from my blog's design, that the very talented and generous Leelou Blogs and Michelle Unerwood  created and shared with us on their blogs, but you can chose whatever you like.
  2. open that image with a photo editing program and add text to it. write email me, contact me or what ever you please.Save the changes you made to you image. If it is a large image you would want to re size it. Do that.
  3. Go to your blog's layout, click add a gadget and then click the picture gadget.
  4. Then click browse and add your image.
  5. Above the image you have "link: http// ". Write mailto:your email address, nothing else. Erase http//. It should look like this mailto: This way when people click on your email button, their mail editor opens up automatically with your email address already typed in.
  6. Save the changes and view your blog. Test it out. It should work just fine.
I hope this has been helpful for some of you. 
Till tomorrow

grab my button post

 Hello girls & guys (if any),
today It is not about the cakes! I have not done any cakes today, instead I did a "Grab My button" button and added it on my blog. I am so proud of myself:) You can see it at the top of my right column.
If you want to add it to your blog, which would totally make my day, by the way, please feel free to do so.
All you need to do is copy the HTML code provided below my image button, then go to your blog's layout click add a gadget, then click on HTML/JavaScript and paste the code there. then you save the changes and that is it, my button will appear on your blog.
 Again, so happy!!!
It is not difficult at all. I just followed a great tutorial I found on the web from A heart for Home. If you want to do your button, please read their Blog button with code box tutorial. It is soo easy and well explained, that you will be able to make one for yourself in not more than 10 minutes.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to me. I'll get back to you with an answer asap.

dino cake

Inspired, once again, from the book 50 easy party cakes. Made for a sweet boy celebrating his first birthday!
When his father took the cake to store it, he turned away and pointed the finger at his cake.
Soo cute!!!!! I took that as a sign that he liked it.
Happy birthday little one and many many returns.

Cinderella cake

I know I do lots of doll cakes, but this time it is Cinderella. Simple yet elegant. I love her. I dusted the whole cake with glittery powder. It looked so beautiful...
I hope the little birthday girl loved her cake.

kids cakes

I decided to publish all today's endeavors :) in one post.
This was my Saturday:
 Made for a little girl turning 4, from the book 50 easy party cakes.
Easy? yes. Quick? Noooo!!!
As you probably can tell , I do not own an extruder, so I had to do all those threads with my hands.
Very time consuming, believe me!

Made for the same nephew that got to take his DAF truck cake to kindergarten ( a huge success I'm told).
This cake was for his birthday party, which was held today.
I actually did this cake before, but a bit different. I used brown sugar for the sand around the cake. It works out great.

Kid vs Kat cake. 
Not too happy with it! Not sure what I should have done differently, though. Any thoughts?

Hannah Montana guitar cake.
Made for two sisters born on the same day but 3 years apart! How special is that?

Come back and check out my next projects and be sure to check in at the beginning of next week. I am cooking up my second give away!!!!! Just picked up something form the store:)

more chocolate adventures

This last cake was a killer. It took me 5 hours to finish it. My back was hurting like crazy.
I wanted to do it in dark chocolate this time and it looks like it is quite different from the white one. It took me soo much more and I had to re do the fans over and over again.
The cake was HUGE!

DAF truck cake

My very first DAF truck cake! KING of THE ROADS! at least that is what I read on the web while searching for DAF truck images.
I made this cake for our nephew Zoltika who is turning 7 today. This was our gift to him.
Happy birthday sweety!
Now this is a guy who knows his trucks, let me tell you. I couldn't just do any truck. I was given a couple of brands to choose from. Never even knew they existed. 
I went with this DAF, because it was the only name I could remember:))
Sorry, but we are all about girly stuff:)

The registration plate is made with letters from his name. He was so happy when he saw his cake...
Seeing his face was worth staying up till 2 am last night and getting up at 7 in the morning to finish it.

football ball cake

I made this football ball for two boys. They are huge fans of CFR football team, hence the dark burgundy color on the ball, scarf and T-shirts. 
My husband made me one hexagon and one pentagon out of cardboard and I used those to mark the hexagon shapes on the ball.Then I made the stitches and  painted the pentagons.
I actually read this on another blog. I was planning on making it more difficult, by cutting out the shapes one by one and putting them on the cake.
So please check out Caroline's blog and read the actual post.
Thank you Caroline for sharing with us your method. You've been a great help!

panda bear cupcakes

These are the cupcakes my daughter took to school today. She was supposed to give a presentation on panda bears and while looking on the web for photos with pandas we saw some panda decorated cupcakes so she immediately asked me if we could do them. She wanted to give them to her classmates. I said yes, as I always do.
The only thing was we had to do them late at night after we came home from our little gathering. 
They would have looked much better with cheese frosting, but at 11 o'clock at night I just rolled out the fondant which was already made and did them this way.
I am looking forward to her coming home from school and telling me the reactions.

chocolaty chocolate cake

Yesterday we spent the whole day at a friends house together with many friends. 
We had a great day, many laughs and terribly good food. 
I took this cake for desert. Nothing fancy, simple but beautiful. so here it is

frog prince cake

I made this frog prince cake for a 3 year old princess.
Inspiration found on the web among the many talented cakers out there, I do not remember where I saw it.

happy girly cake

A happy girly cake made with spring like colors. So waiting for spring to come. Can you believe that it is snowing outside right now?