wet :))) Audi tyre cake

 I couldn't get the fondant as black as I wanted it to be, so I chose to paint over it with black food coloring.
No time to let it dry, hence the wet tyre:)

cakes from these past days

 no fondant decoration required

 a fish cake 

 a huge round cake 

and a cute lady bird

Noah's arc cake

Made for a little boy turning 1.
The tip I would like to share with you all after making this cake is that it is a very time consuming cake. So if you ever make it, you should prepare to spend at least 4 hours on it.

different views

hippo wedding cake

My kind of wedding cake! different, simple, without flowers. 
And with hippos on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you seen hippos on a wedding cake before?????
I love originality in all its shapes and forms.
The bride sent me a photo of the couple's favorite mascot, a cute hippo, and I created two hippos for their wedding cake. A him and a her.  And I gave them green eyes, of course:)
I looooove them!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole wedding was decorated in various shades of green, so we went with that on the cake as well.
The bride had green shoes!!!!! Loving her even more:)))
Everything had something green, so the cake could not be different.

Contractor groom's cake

This cake is a groom's cake. The bride wanted to surprise her groom on the day of their wedding with his very own groom's cake.
Because the groom is a contractor, we chose to go with a bulldozer, and to tie it with the wedding I added a bride and a groom on the cake. 
I had to use blue, white and black, as these were the groom's company colors.

This cake went ~300 km by car, so I am really, really hoping it got there all right. It was so heavy, I could barely lift it and hold it in my arms. And none of the photos do the cake any justice. It looked sooo much better in reality.
close up of the bride

close up of the groom

panda bear cake

just its head. 
the inside was 3 chocolate mousse cake.

different views

snow white & the 7 dwarfs cottage

This is the fastest cake I ever had to do!!!!!!
I over slept and only had 2 hours to sculpt the cake, butter cream it and decorate it as well!!!!!!!!
OMG!!!! I was under so much pressure...

Wish I had more time to add several other details. I think the small details would have made this cake, much better.

All in all I think this a a great cake.
I trust it was a crowd pleaser, none the less.

clown cake

Made for a little boy turning 1. Always wanted to do a Clown. 
Love it! Such a happy face...

different view

birds cake

This is a little girl that knew what she wanted her cake to look like. she said she wanted the colors brown , red and white. The blue is from me:)
She wanted birds on the first tier and butterflies on the second.  I hope I envisioned it right.

a different angle

and the back of the cake

Happy birthday sweet Gloria!

chocolate fan decorated cake

I haven't done this type of cake in a while. I'd forgotten how much it takes to finish it. 
But this is still my favorite type of cake decorating. I looove how this cake looks.
I used 2.5 kg of chocolate for decorations only.
I ran out of white chocolate so I used brown, but I love the combined chocolate look of this cake.

STEAUA (football team) logo cake

Made for a Steaua football team 5 year old fan. 

And the little football player, wearing a T shirt with the birthday boy's name and age on it.
Happy birthday Andrei!

hand piped lace cake - take 2:)

Ok, so this is my second attempt at this hand piped lace. 
You can see a slight improvement in my piping, but that's it. still not there.
This time I used butter cream for the piping, and as you can see I still couldn't get it to be black, although I used almost an entire black gel color from Wilton on just two spoons of butter cream. I really need to buy the black piping gel. I can't seem to be able to get it black on my own.

tiara on a pillow cake

I made this cake for a young lady, getting married. 
This is the cake she got at her bachelor-ette party. It was my first time hand modeling a tiara, and it gave me plenty of stress and trouble. I did not have the necessary time to make it ahead.The middle part was a different design. much taller but it broke when placed on the cake so I had to quickly do something else, much smaller so that it would stay in place. I then added some feathers to give it some height, as the laterals of my tiara were taller than the middle part, but in the end it stayed on the cake, giving me no more problems.

this is the pillow cake, before the tiara was put on top.

A close up of the buttons I made to use on my pillow cake. I used a First impressions mold to make them. Looooove them:))

and the finished cake with the hand made tiara. I hope the bride to be liked her cake.

travelling around the world cake for newly weds

I was shown a picture of this cake and asked to do it, because the design of this cake had a lot of meaning to the newly weds.  I like how it came out. It is going more than 400 km by car so I am hoping for the best here:)

detail of the groom.
I was asked to give him a bow tie, so I thought why not a suit, then?
Really trying to impress my friend, here:))))
Hope you are pleased Anca!

detail of my chubby bride:))))))
I hope it does not offend anyone. sometimes things do not turn out the way you expect them to.

and the cake again
Does it meat your approval, Anca?