Pink & white girl Christening cake

 A simple yet beautiful small Christening cake. The proud mummy explained how she wanted the cake and this is how I envisioned it. 

 The polka dots from the bow and the baby shoes were also used on the flowers, to match the concept behind this cake.

details' close up

2 cakes & a flower how to

 and a green parrot cake for a beautiful young little lady:)

 As you can see, I gave the hibiscus flower a try:) No special cutters used. For the red one I used a normal round cutter and for the orange one I free hand cut the petals.
I love them and have decided to finally buy a flower making kit:))

and a simple yet beautiful cake, decorated with flowers

And because a dear blogger friend has been asking me, for some time now, to put a tutorial for these styled roses, here it comes.
Hope this helps you Bianca!

I felt, words were not necessary here. 
Happy caking everyone!

Mumble cake

 made for a Happy feet fan
The little guy is fascinated with this animated show so for his birthday we made him his very own Mumble cake.
 different views

flower basket cake

 I made the flowers and then I weaved the basket:) and the result was this beautiful flower basket

ah... the love for football...

 a football ball and a football shoe, made for a football player:)

 I chose a model found on the web and tried to replicate it:)
I had to darken my pictures so that you could see the cake. due to the flash the white came out very bright so not much to see:))
 so I am sorry about the quality of these pictures. very hard to distinguish the details. The cake looks much better in reality.

and the two cakes together
Happy belated:) Birthday Valy!

Motorcross themed cake

 The birthday guy is passionate about motor cross and motorbikes, his beautiful blond wife is waiting for him at the end of the route:) 

 the Kawasaki motor, courtesy of my husband's surprisingly talented hands to all technical things
I think I would never be able to make such a good motorbike. I really do not have an eye, nor do I have the mind for these technical toys men enjoy so much.
Luckily I am Married to a guy:)))
On the other hand, you do not want to see my husband model a teddy bear for example:)))) or maybe you do:))) you would laugh out sooo much.... 
I guess everyone has his/her talent.
 rear view

 our biker

 and his beautiful wife

 pretty proud of this one
I think it is the first I've managed to make look beautiful:)

and the whole cake again, just in case you forgot it:))

various kids cakes

Ariel and Tinkerbell cake
I had to incorporate both Ariel and Tinkerbell on this cake so I thought a castle on the beach would be the way to go. This way I would have both the sea and the shore to work with. The castle is inspired by prince Eric's castle from the Little Mermaid 2. This way I could add Tinkerbell:)
And the under the sea theme, which I love, works perfectly with Ariel.
Cake made to feed 60 people.

 A Rio & Angry birds cake for gorgeous Carina
She loves the movie and she loves the angry birds game.

 A Nemo and hello kitty for Alesia
She wanted both Nemo and hello Kitty on her cake , so I chose to decorate it half wise. Never did a combined cake before, but I like how it turned out.

A Rapunzel, Tangled cake for a young little lady
inspired by the fabulous and amazing work of the talented Galia Hristova Gugi.

I modeled Rapunzel and also did her tower in the back. the tower took for ever to finish:)
I wish I had more time to add more details on the cake, but one set of hands can only do so much.

 check out her hair