last cake of the season and vacation time!!!!!!!!

This was my last cake for this season! I'll be taking a long waited for vacation.
I'll be back on September. Till then, have a great summer everyone!

baby stuff

Here is some baby stuff that I made for a Christening cake that I'll not be able to make, as I'll be on the beach:))
Somebody else will be making the cake and will be adding all these items to it. I hope it comes out nice.
They are so cute, I just had to share:)

Zebra diaper cake

I love zebras. The white zebra pattern ribbon is made using a permanent marker:). Couldn't find any in the stores, so I made my own.

packaging detail

Meteo's soccer ball cake

Mateo turned 4 yesterday and he wanted a soccer ball cake. He is a big fan of CFR team, so I dressed the player in CFR's colors.  Due to the heat and humidity my cake started to loose its shape while I kept it out on the table to decorate it.

birds and bees diaper cake

packaging detail

lady bug and daisy Christening cake

 Just imitating one of Anne Heap's fabulous designs here. The beautiful mum wanted something with ladybugs or daisies so I showed her this design by Anne Heap and she liked it so I got the chance to make it myself.
Very fit for a little cute girl.

Fruit and chocolate Christening cake

I was soo looking forward to this cake. I love this type of cakes. And now being the season of all these wild fruits I fully took advantage of it. I would love to do a 5 tier cake just like this one. I think it would look amazing.

hungry bookworms cake & how to instructions

A last minute order for a little girl and boy. Didn't know what to make so I went with a Debbie Brown design, once more.
This is my version of it. I went with two bookworms; a girl and a boy.
 And these are the pages explaining this cake.

Again, THANK YOU Brandusa.

fondant button how to

As promised I photographed the pages from the cake decorating book Brandusa sent me, so that you can all see how these fondant buttons can be made. Not at all difficult,  and so cute. I absolutely love mine.
Looking forward to doing some more soon.

Baby things Christening cake

a few close ups so that you can see the details

baby button how to in my next post. too tired right now.

Espana vs Deutschland

Spain wooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can guess who we were cheering for, right?

Sangria was the obvious choice, for a true Spanish supporter.

My husband prepared it so I am going to post the recipe as well.

during the game...
...and after we won...

There are money in my jeans:))
Not only did Spain win, but I too won. We all placed our bets before the game started, regarding the final score, and I was the only one to say Spain would win by 1:0. So... I got to take home everyone's money:)))

Still Germany's no 1 fan:)))))

Go Spain!

guest featuring

I haven't featured anyone in a while, but I guess I was just waiting for someone as special as this guest.
Her name is Melinda from Tg Mures and she is just 15!!!!!!!!!
How cool is that? 15 and already found a passion in life.
She is a fan of my work and she has been writing to me, asking questions about this wonderful world of cakes, and she has also sent me pictures of one of her cakes.

I think she did a great job on this cake. I have to say it again. she is only 15!!!!!
I am so amazed by this girl.
I hope you continue down this road. I am sure you will be a great cake decorator some day.
Melinda, practice makes perfect!the most important advice I could give you, believe me.

and a section of her cake. yummy....
So proud to be an inspiration to this wonderful girl. 
Melinda,you make everything I do seem even more important now. Thank you for being my fan and for following my work.

mickey mouse cake

Another Mickey mouse cake, made for a 3 year old Mickey fan.
How can you not be a fan of Mickey's??

fresh orchid wedding cake

This Saturday a very good friend of mine got married and this was my gift to the lovely couple.
We had a great time at the wedding party. 
The design of the cake belongs to the bride herself.
This is my friend. Love you gorgeous xxxx

Rebeca throwing rose petals before the bride.
on site religious ceremony

The party and religious ceremony were held at "daVinci" restaurant.
Beautiful location, fabulous restaurant and good food. what more can you ask for? oh yes, there is something else... and they have that too!!!!!! huge parking lot:)))))))
So if you want to celebrate your event in style or just want to go out to a restaurant, try daVinci.

our table, last but not least... Giovanna & co:)

table setting, all done by the bride herself.

champagne table arrangement

fruit and cheese bar

Giovanna & husband:)))
most British!

and we love the British!!!!!!!!!!!! we wanna be just like them:))))

Best dressed man!

I just had to have a picture next to him:)))
wish I could share more pics, but I feel I would be invading our friends' privacy.
It was a great party. we all had a great time.
and the cake has arrived...