Baby dino cake

 I've always loved Debbie Brown's baby dino cake and so when given the opportunity, I jumped at the chance of making it myself.
 the body is cake and the head RKT

 Isn't he cute?????

 side and back views

R2D2 cake

 R2D2, the robot from Star wars. Who doesn't love him?
Cake made to feed 50 people. Really proud of the outcome.
Enjoy the rest of the shots and stay tuned for another Star war character that I am working on.

Excavator cake again

 Another  excavator cake, this time being for a two year old I tried to give it a more toy-ish look.
The inside was lemon cheese cake.

Skiing with a scooter??????

 :))) Nope, but I was asked to make a skiing themed cake and add a scooter at the base of the cake.
How did I do??

 After covering the two tiers of cake in white sugar paste I melted the remaining and added it to the cake as well. I just let it slide down the sides of the cake and I love how it came out.

Autumn Love

One of my cakes took part in a styled photo shoot organized by EmmPhotography, an autumn inspired styled wedding shooting. 
So without any further ado, here come the amazing photos 

 For more pictures on the wedding decor and on the beautiful bride please go over to the EmmPhotography's site
and here are my humble pictures:)
 I was suggested to make a cupcake on the top of the cake and I just couldn't get passed that idea. It stuck with me I just had to use it:) Since I was going to put a giant cupcake on the cake I thought of doing a contrast in texture between the tiers. So I used the frosting like top part of the cupcake for other two tiers in combination with fine smooth shiny ones.
I used autumn colors and added some leaves on the sides.

close up of the uneven tier

Halloween inspired chocolate cake

 For a young beautiful little lady that wanted her cake to have 3 tiers, decorated in chocolate and not fondant and a witch on top of the cake.
And so I did:)
I also added some Halloween candy.

Flower box cake

 A flower box cake, done in white and gold as per the client's request.
I love how it looks. 
For some reason the lid looks smaller than the box, although it was made the same size as the cake. I guess next time I should go a little bigger than the cake itself so it looks perfect.

Oscar themed birthday cake

Made for an 18 year old young lady, who was thrown a surprise Oscar themed birthday party. All guests went dressed up as their favorite star to the special event.
I of course went with a movie roll and the Oscar golden statue
The stars were a must in my vision

The red carpet was another must. 
When you think of the Oscars you immediately think the red carpet.
So there you have it! my Oscar themed cake for Ilinca.