new princess cake

Haven't done one of these for some time now. 

so out of words. my mind is totally somewhere else.

tweety cake

Big cake! 33 x 56 cm. It was supposed to feed 60 people.
Very colorful. 
And once more indulge me into my march against powder colors. I added very little blue powdered color to my butter cream. I was doing this 2 m away from where the cake was and I did not drop anything or something like that and still, my tweety was all covered in tiny blue dust particles.  I really do not understand it. Maybe they are so light they actually fly in the air. And another thing my floor was all blue. I had to mop it 3 times as somehow the blue spots would find their way back after I cleaned up. A total mystery!
I LOVE WILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Converse sneaker cake

My first Converse sneaker and the nightmare continues... sorry, it doesn't continue,  it turns into a thriller!!!!!
Let me tell you about my shoe box. I wanted to make it black as you can see and I thought I should add some brown powder color to help the black get darker sooner. Yes I know, I already had problems with the red color but I thought to myself for darker colors it should be OK, the small dots will not show.
So I added a knife's tip of brown powder and the usual black wilton gel color. 
Sufficient to say that in less than a minute my fondant was all ruined!!!! I do not know what's in that brown color but my fondant almost instantly lost all elasticity and separated into crumbs!
I tried to fix it, by adding honey by adding butter,by heating it in the microwave for 10 secs, nothing worked.
Please believe me when I tell you that I spent 2 and half hours just to cover the shoe box!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried 5 times to cover it, but every time it would break into several pieces when placing it on the cake. I ended up covering it side by side and still had plenty of difficulties while doing so.
It was horrible and nerve wracking.
So I am Wilton's no 1 fan again.
I hate powdered colors!

The sneaker came out larger then anticipated, but at least now I have a reference point.

Girl Christening cake

Ok, so the cake looks fine, but let me tell you all about the wonderful powder colors that I bought recently. These colors/pigments are everything but fine!!!!!
Oh my GOD!!!!!!!  such a nightmare! 
At this cake I wanted to cover the whole cake in pink. So I added a bit of red powdered color to my white sugar paste. I mixed the sugar paste with my hands for more than one hour!!!!!!!!! and my paste was still not homogeneous. 
In the end I used it as such. All the pink was full, full of tiny little red spots/particles!!!!! All over the cake.
I was so mad... I covered most of them with the white and brown dots but you can still see plenty of them on the cake. 
So one hour extra due to this wonderful powdered color and the cake far from being flawless.
I am never going to use it again with fondant. it works fine for butter cream, but that's it!
I love making these little cuties:) there are two red points even on my white part of the shoe. 
How they got there... I do not know.

Batman cake

Not too happy with Batman him self. Modeling characters is not my thing. I do not know how many times I have to say it before it actually gets through to my brain.
I do hope the five year old birthday boy recognizes him, though, and thus the whole idea is not ruined.

I was featured on My creative way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo happy!!!!! and soooooo haaaaappy!!!!
Today my cakes and my creations were featured on My creative way!!!!!!
OMG! I could not believe it when I read the post. It totally made my day! 
I feel honored to be included in such a creative and original blog. I am happy my work has proven worthy of being published on My creative way.

If you want to read Raychel's post about my work please click here.

getting ready for rebeca's party - part 2

party invitations!!!!!!!

I found this zebra party invitation over at Celebrate it! and it was just perfect for Rebeca's party. I am just going to print these out and have her fill them in. This way I get to save a lot of time.
Rebeca goes to an international school, so they all speak English very well, therefore the fact that the invitation is in English is not an issue for us.
Thank you Celebrate it! for sharing. You will find many other great ideas in there so go check it out.

Christmas in May

This is a girl that loves chocolate, loves to sleep and loves Christmas:)
So I made her a chocolate cake in the shape of a bed and added some Christmas stuff.

Here is a close up of the bed side table and the Xmas tree

Merry Christmas in May!

getting ready for rebeca's party - part 1

Although there is still enough time left to Rebeca's party I already started to prepare things.
These are the party favors she is going to give to her guests.

This is what they contain

lollipops, stickers & pins
all Hannah Montana and High school Musical

and this is how I made my envelopes
you need: A4 size paper, glue, ribbon, scissors and hole puncher

I only made 5 of these tonight. I hope I can finish them tomorrow and continue with other projects.

Christening cake

I am not sure I want to repeat this cake. Not very stable with all those crystal bowls, but I have to say I really love it! The orchids are real. I did not make them:)

different angle, different lighting
I couldn't decide which one I liked better:))

purple with a touch of gold wedding cake

It was sooo big and heavy.... I think it weighed somewhere around 30 kg, if not more!!!!!!
back of the cake, even though each side looked like a front:)

Close up of the roses. 
The roses were made by hand, no special tools used. I don't have any yet. But I plan to buy the special foam and all other things needed soon. I want my roses to look real.
I want to give a big thank you to SAMIRA. I showed her how to make roses and she made all the roses that you see on this cake. I wouldn't have been able  to do it without her help.

Bicycle cake

Looks easy but it gave me plenty of work hours.
I hope the birthday guy liked his cake.

chocolate and strawberry heart

Speechless right now. Soo tired... just waiting for some creams to chill.
I made it today, in between other things, I really love it.

high heel shoe tutorial

I haven't given up on my high heel shoes, and I finally succeeded in making a proper one. I actually had to adjust the sugar paste recipe a little bit so that my shoe would dry and harden. It has been raining for so many days now, and the humidity gives me plenty of problems, but I am happy that I made a shoe!!:))

Here is a photo tutorial of its making

Decorate as you please. This is my finished shoe.