Cake & cupcake cake:)

 My friend just wanted a cake for her birthday. When asked what shape? she answered cake:)
I do not think that this is what she had in mind:))))

 Not knowing what to do, I went once more with the cake in the shape of a cake.  
I loooove it!

 Since the inside was caramel and chocolate I used yellow and brown for the decoration.

 I sliced the top tier and placed it on top of the cake.
I kept it simple and just added some colorful cake sprinkles. I loved how it looked, but I felt it still needed something else as a topper, so I went and bought a cupcake from a nearby store and decorated it rapidly. I think it completed the image of my cake cake. I absolutely love it. 
This is definitely one of my favs:)
 and a little closer

and even closer:)

Hugo Boss shirt cake

 A Hugo Boss shirt in a very generous size:)) as it had to feed 50 people. 

airplane no 1 cake

 Cake done for a little one year old. the inspiration for this cake was his room ceiling lamp. 
The lamp was light blue, full of white clouds and with a red airplane hanging down from it.
I was sent a picture of his lamp and made the airplane just like the real thing.

The mum wanted the airplane to look like it was taking off, I hope I have pleased everyone with cake.
I for one, think it came out great.

Gold cup cake

Erik is a little league football player. His team won the gold cup and so I thought it was only aprropriate to celebrate his birthday with this cake:)
We went for a flat cake instead of a standing cup, because this cake had to travel quite a distance by car, so we had to take transportation into consideration here.
I also added his football team logo next to the cake. 
I hope he enjoyed his birthday cake.

I'm back! ... and with more girl cakes

 The little birthday girl wanted her cake to have tiers and flowers and hearts and that is exactly what I gave her. I think it came out very cute, fit for a little girl who knows what she wants.

 This cake is called the sea and 3 little mermaids. That is what the birthday girl asked for. It was made for the same girl I told you above. 
This is how I imagined it. I hope she liked it.

 close up of the mermaids in the sea:)

And last but not least, a two tired cake with Dora the explorer and Boots (hoping that is his name:)) on top of the cake.
Made for an absolutely gorgeous 3 year old Dora fan.

Mini Vacation

Nop, not a cake:))) 
Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking some time off.
If you want me, you can find me in Valencia till the 27th of this month:))))))))))))

I'll be missing you all. xxxx

PC keyboard cake

 Computer keyboard with an optical mouse next to it.
I added a yellow post-it, wishing the birthday guy a happy birthday.

close up of the mouse

another motorbike helmet cake

 Another motorbike helmet, a bit different this time, with a closed shield.

 side view 

back view

lazy town cake

 I went with Sportacus' ship again.

 I also hand modeled two of the characters and added them to the cake.

 This is my Sportacus coming out of his ship.

And this is my Stephanie.
Of course the apple could not miss from this picture, so I added one on Stephanie's lap.

Fairy tale land cake

 Made for a special little girl, who loves fairies and angels.
I wanted to give her a fantasy world.

 The entire cake is full of glittery dust, very fairy tale land I think.

 I put two blue mushrooms and a fairy on top of the cake. I felt the butterflies were part of the picture, so I added them on the whole cake.

Of course, flowers were also a given.
I also made a flower that came to life in my little fantasy land. I gave her a face and arms and legs.
I am sure my imagination is not the one of a young and innocent girl, but I hope this cake made her happy.

cakes for girls

Cinderella carriage in pink
Made for the same Alessia that had the two Herbie cakes. 

detail of the little pumpkins

Pink ship cake made for Alexia.

back view

Hello Kitty cake for Beatrice

Jack Daniel's bottle cake

Made for my father's birthday.
Jack Daniel's label printed out on edible paper.

Hamburger cake

My first Hamburger!!!! So happy I got the chance to make it:)

I put lettuce in there, cheese slices, tomatoes and onions as well.