Salomon ski boot cake

Still a lot of snow outside my window, so this is still an appropriate seasonal cake.
This is my second try at this model. It came out better but I should mention that I had more hours to work on it this time.

wrapped present cake

 This present was wrapped in a mixture of dark modeling chocolate and white sugar paste. 
All home made!
What's inside, beneath that beautiful wrapping?:))
More chocolate!:)

Home made modeling chocolate

Curiosity killed the cat today:)))
I have finally decided to give this modeling chocolate a try. I have heard and seen Buddy Valastro, i.e. the cake boss, talking about and using this modeling chocolate soo much that I had to try it. 
Sufficient to say that I fell in LOOOOVE with it and that I'll use it for ever.

300 gr dark chocolate
90 gr corn syrup (I replaced it with honey)

 Melt your chocolate in the microwave. Careful not to burn it:)

 Add 90 gr of corn syrup / honey

Stir the ingredients together until the chocolate separates from the recipient and looks like in the photo. It doesn't take long. 2 min tops!

 Cover it in plastic film and refrigerate it. 
After a few hours take it out. It will be hard as a rock at first, but start kneading it and you'll see that it will start to soften.

It is the most pliable thing I have seen. I absolutely love it! I am definitely trying the white chocolate version as well.
Mix it with your sugar paste and you'll get the elasticity you've ever wanted in your homemade sugar paste.

dogs in bags cakes

 Such a popular request among girls. I actually have to make two more of these.
The first one was made in hot pink and I added a zebra print scarf around the doggy to tie it in with the animal print themed party.

For the second one I used pink and gray. I added a chic flower in the corner to mask a fondant problem:)) and as per the birthday girl's request I tied a bow to the little doggy's neck.

Starbucks coffe cup

I have just read that Starbucks changed their logo in 2011 to mark 40 years of being in business. So this cup is from 2010!!!!!!:))) Still tasted amazingly good:)))
To make the logo I used edible paper and an edible printer, and printed out the image. I do not own such a printer yet, so I asked for help here. It was my first time working with edible paper. This summer when I go on my vacation I am definitely acquiring one of these printers.
Wish I had done the side strips thinner so they wouldn't be so noticeable. The cake was quite tall so it was impossible to cover it in one smooth piece, hence I made two lateral cuts. Other than that, happy, happy with the cake.

Girly Christening cake

 A 3 tier cake for the Christening of a little girl, made in a soft yellow and pink.

As far as decoration goes, I used cute buttons, a pretty bow, baby feet impressions and of course the baby shoes, made in the same colors as the cake. 
Close up of the top tier and the shoes

Pile of books cake

 Made for a young man turning 18.

 Turning 18 is an important milestone in one's life here. It is supposed to be the age when you are no longer a teenager but you become an adult. It's the age when you graduate from high school and you have to decide which way to go university wise, the age to choose your path in life.
Hence this design.

Teen Titans tower cake

 Teen Titans is a TV animated show for children.  I chose to do their tower as the cake. 
Only now, I noticed the window lines are not straight! I cannot understand how you can look at a cake and not see these things when they are right in front of you.  It's funny how when you look at the picture you immediately spot them, but you cannot do anything about it.

 I hand modeled two of the characters on this show. I am sorry but I do not know their names.

yellow & green 3 tier cake

 And to make the transition from the adult section to kids' cakes here comes this yellow and green 3 tired cake.

Nurse cake

 And just to be on the same page here:) I am going to show you this cake way before other ones.

a busty nurse:) for a cool doctor:)

I used the birthday guy's initial at the necklace.
Happy birthday M!

Butt cake

 First try at this type of cake. Happy with the result.

 a more explicit view:)))

Bag fit for a Diva:) cake

In urma cu ceva timp am fost contacta si intrebata daca doresc sa particip si eu la un concurs de deserturi de catre Diva Hair. Am ales sa accept invitatia lor si astfel m-am inscris in concurs pe Diva, unul dintre cele mai importante site-uri pentru femei din Romania. Acest site are si o sectiune cu
Retete culinare
si multe articole extrem de interesante pentru noi fetele. Il recomand tuturor.

Cerinta era sa incorporam si logo-ul Diva Hair in desertul nostru.

A while back I was contacted by DIva, one of the most important women's site in Romania, and asked if I wanted to participate in a competion. I was supposed to make a cake and the only request was to incorporate their logo. I said yes, and this is my Diva Hair cake.

Am ales sa fac o poseta. Mi se pare ca este un accesoriu nelipsit la orice Diva. Am ales sa il fac in culorile gasite in log-ul Diva hair, am adaugat un breloc ce reprezinta logo-ul lor si ca si o completare am ales sa il incorporez si pe platou sub forma scrisa. Rujul este o completare dulce:)), din nou, nelipsit la orice diva.
I chose to go with  a hand bag, as I think handbags are a must to any Diva. I made it in the colors found in their logo, I incorporated their logo in the form of a key chain ring and by writing it on the board. The lipstick was a sweet addition :) and another must in any diva's life.

vedere partea stanga si spate / back and left side view

vedere partea dreapta/ right side view

detaliu breloc logo Diva Hair / closeup of the Diva Hair logo key chain ring

Am sa va pun si doua poze ca sa vedeti cum am ajuns la aceasta forma a tortului.
And this is how this cake came into being. 

Doua torturi dreptunghiulare cladite unul peste celalat 
Two rectangle cakes stacked one on top of the other.

dupa sculptat, in forma finala / after the sculpting was done

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