animal print cakes

 Two tiers of animal prints. 
I am such a big fan of animal print. I love this type of cakes.

and a smaller one, zebra print and pink roses and a bow.

Mickey's Toodles again

 Little kids love Mickey's help and friend Toodles. So I made it again for another 2 year old.
I just love kids cakes. They all look so colorful and happy.

more cupcakes!!!

  20 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, decorated in fondant, 5 of each design. 
I really like how they look. 
The party was somewhere in the mountains, no fridge available, so we chose to go with cupcakes instead. Hope the birthday girl liked them.

Mercedes vs BMW or Cake vs Cupcake:)

Which would you like???  a Mercedes or a BMW:)))
The choice between cake and cupcake!

Two dozens of chocolate/vanilla cupcakes, white chocolate butter cream  frosting and the BMW logo on top

 A Mercedes 600 SL made out of 3 chocolate mousse and wild berries. 
 I have to say that this might just be my last car! It takes a minimum of 8 hours to make such a cake, 8 hours in which I would have made 2 or 3 other different cakes. It is just not worth it!!!!
And this besides the fact that no matter how much I try I cannot make it look just like the real thing, so I have decided to give up on these road beauties. 
I am well aware that I will have to make exceptions every now and then, but as a general policy I will not be making cars anymore. 

As you can see, the front of my Mercedes has been in the shop:))  due to a car crash:)))
What happened here is that I have misplaced the lights so when I lowered them the fondant tore, so I had to fix it. I did my best but it is still very noticeable.

Church cake

 Made for the inauguration of a new church somewhere in Maramures.
The cake had to travel by car quite a distance but it got there missing only two roof pieces, which they put right back on and the cake was ready to be seen and enjoyed.
The inside was 3 chocolate mousse & lots and lots of wild berries.

Meet Bela

This little guy is Corso Cafe's image. He is present on all their advertising items.
To celebrate one year of business, Corso Cafe asked me to make their cake and, of course, it had to be Bela (that's his name:))
And this is the cake I made for them:
 It was a large cake, designed to feed more than 60 people.

 upside view
back view

Fire truck cake

 My first fire truck, made for the same little boy that had the Pinocchio cake.
He loooves firefighters and everything related to them so we also made him a fire truck.
He shared this cake with his kindergarten friends. 
They all loved it!

Pinocchio again

For a Pinocchio fan. 
This is the first of the three cakes his mummy ordered for him. what a lucky guy!

BMX bike ramp

 A while back I was asked to make a bike ramp.
It was a pretty plain cake so I chose to write something on it, graffiti like. Of course, I had to include a BMX bike.  I think it looks pretty cool. Love it!

It's a doggy world out there:)))

 For a little one year old that loves dogs. They wanted a round cake with dogs on it and this is what I came up with.
 the boss:)

and the two young good for nothing but sooo cute helpers enjoying a siesta :)

Ballerina hippo cake

 I was sent a picture of this cake and asked to make a similar one.

 I think it is so cute... and funny... I absolutely love it!

Ballerina's bottom:)))