introducing one of my youngest fans:)

I just love it when people get back to me with reactions after having tasted one of my cakes.
I especially love it when they take the time and send photos of their moment with the cake.
This is actually not the first time I've been sent photos, I just didn't think of posting them before. It is such a  moment of joy for me to see them all enjoying the cake and having fun with it, that I thought I should share it with the rest of you.
So, here we go
This is a cake made in February, for Valentine's day.

And this is an anniversary cake made about one month back. look at the little one how he instantly grabbed the sheep I put on top of the cake. How can I not love him???????
such a little cutie....

and this is a first!!!! you get to see one of my cakes sliced! 
This was a yogurt and strawberry mousse filling.
Thank you Tunde for getting back to me and sending me these precious pics. I loooooove it!
You have a very beautiful baby! Thank you for making me part of your lovely family and thank you for choosing my cakes to celebrate the special moments of your life.
A big hug and lots of kisses


  1. Ai un premiu si o leapsa la mine pe blog ..pupici

  2. Vai ce bine arata interiorul tortului!!! cer straturi perfecte!! Ale mele de ce nu ies asa?:)) Cred ca din cauza gelatinei, meu se cam lasa peste piscoturi.

  3. asa admiratori sa tot ai....