Winnie the Pooh cake

 Sweet Winnie again:)
I do not know why, but this character always cheers me up when I look at it. He is just so cute...

Miauuu... baby

 I was asked to make a heart shaped cake for a friend and I just didn't want to go with the classic shape.
I had to do something different:) I really do not like repeating myself:)
I knew my friend had a black cat so I added two styled black cats on top of the heart, which are so not child like:) therefore appropriate to the occasion.
I looove my cake!

Go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Sara and Andrada are two best friends that celebrated their birthday together. 
They wanted their cake in pastel colors, to have two guitars on top and to be on 3 tiers.
I think I have done all that:) right?

The girls turned 10 so I had to show it off in big style:)

 In order to accentuate the girly feel I used stars, kisses, hearts, music notes, guitars; all in pastel colors , of course.
 They also wanted their cake to sparkle, so edible glitter was the obvious choice.

3D bunny girl cake

 A bunny girl in white and pink for Arianna. Those were her requests.
Hope my cake pleased the birthday girl.

Planets and stethoscope birthday cake

 A more particular request for this 18th birthday party. They wanted planets and a stethoscope on the cake and this is the cake that includes them both.
Very pleased with it:))

The marbling technique is no longer as pleasing to the eye as it used to be:) I think the air brush is an absolute  must. I'll just have to save up and buy one in the near future.

Snowboard cake

 For a snowboarder that wanted his board and bindings to be Burton.
The rest was left up to me. 
So happy with this cake....

Goodbye party cupcakes

 20 lemon cheese frosting chocolate cupcakes

 and 30 fondant decorated chocolate cupcakes, the theme being London
UK flag cupcakes, UK phone booths cupcakes, good bye - hello message cupcakes, I love London cupcakes and several Keep calm and ... messages:)
 In between all those keep calm and .... messages I just had to include  a different one:)

Stacked pillow 18th' birthday cake

two pillows stacked one on top of the other, a shoe and a tiara for our birthday girl.

 back of the cake 

upside view