helicopter cake - take 2

 Helicopter cake - second time around. Firework holding up the propeller again. 
Same model but improved skills:) 

Skull cake

 I've been asked to make a skull cake and this is what came out.

 When finished I thought it was a bit too on the sinister side, so I tried to make it more fun by adding the two big blue eyes and the rose between its teeth.
The scarf was added last minute as I was asked to write Happy Birthday somewhere.

Easter fondant decorated cookies

This year I decided to try decorating cookies with fondant. I love them. It was easier to work with fondant than royal icing. 
 My daughter helped me a lot, so it's a great Easter craft for you and your kids as well. Give them a try.
 a cute sheep

an adorable hen with dyed eggs, wishing you a Happy Easter!

and a little chick

Happy Easter !!!!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone that follows and reads me a HAPPY EASTER!
I am taking a 3 days break, talk to you after the holidays.

An Easter cake done in one hour. 

coffee anyone???

 Coffee mug cake. The plate is real. I went out and bought one and then tried to color the fondant as close as I could to the plate so that it looks real. 

I added some coffee beans, sugar cubes and whipped cream as well.

Tele tubbies cake

 Made  for a little 2 year old. I was sent the picture of the cake and asked to duplicate it.
Hope the little girl liked her cake.

cakes for IRINA MATEEA

One of my dear friends had her third baby, a beautiful baby girl named Irina Mateea.
I made her this little cake and a two tiered diaper cake.
It was so nice to meet you Irina Mateea. Welcome!

yet another no 1 cake

 Another no 1 cake, this time for a little girl.  I chose to go with the prince frog once more. It's an old time favorite of mine:)

 I obviously added hearts and flowers and I think it made the cake look very beautiful.
Simple, but so very beautiful in my opinion. Fit for a little one year old princess.

Girly Christening cake

The inspiration for this cake was a cake made by a very talented sugar artist, as I could not call her anything else but an artist. Her blog is called Sogni di zucchero, which I absolutely love, by the way. In English that would translate to Sugar dreams. I find it very inspirational just as all her work.
Obviously I made it my way, but I have to say I love it just as much.

I wish I could have had more time for details, but the cake took a couple of hours over the allocated time anyway and I had to deliver it, so I left it as such. I would've loved to finish those baby cubes, though.

Doggy stacked boxes cake

 A redo of one of my favorite cakes. 
Slightly different than my first one, but equally beautiful in  my eyes:)

 side view

 back view, we are loosing hair as you can see.

Baby boy Christening cake

 Inspired by a two tier cake seen on the web. I changed it a little bit and made it on 3 tiers as it had to feed 50 people. 
I love how it turned out, and I like the color combination very much.

Iancu bottle cake

 An alcoholic drink produced by a local company, Prodvinalco. The inside,not so alcoholic though:))))
All hand made.
 Thank you PVA!