gift box cake tutorial

This post is dedicated to Bianca from Bucataria din casa mea, who is learning the cake decorating secrets and I promised her this tutorial.

you need to shape your cake as square as possible, if you don't have a perfect shape mold you should use a knife and cut it, so that you have straight edges.

Cover you cake in butter cream, as smoothly as you can.

Roll out your fondant/ sugar paste/ MM fondant and cut it into equal stripes.

Place them on the cake one by one and cut off the excess.

Continue to do so until you have the whole cake covered.

Then roll out a big piece of fondant and cover your cake with it.

Then with a knife and a ruler cut off the margins on all four sides and you have the lid.
There is your box cake. You can decorate it as you please.
This time I decorated mine with fresh flowers, but I'll make a bow tutorial soon, so that you can see how to do it.
 I hope it helped!


  1. Vai ce frumos a iesit tortul tau!!! Al meu nici macar nu a fost patrat, plus ca pasta nu a aratat ca a ta. Deci clar la mine e problema:) Mai trebuie sa mai practic:)
    Multumesc frumos pentru explicatii, sper sa ma ajute cand fac tortul Sandrei.
    O saptamana minunata.

  2. Como siempre tus tutoriales son de 10 !!! Un besazo

  3. Foarte frumos,complimente!Eu nu cred ca as fi in stare sa fac un asemenea tort!pupici!

  4. que bonita¡¡¡¡¡gracias por este tutorial, siempre viene genial

  5. uite asa invat si eu pe langa tine:)

  6. am uitat sa scriu ce vroiam:))))))))) ti-am trimis sms..scuze sper ca nu te-am trezit!daca intampini maine ceva probleme, sa ma suni! auzi vreau sa-ti trmit ceva...asa ca o sa am nevoie de adresa ta....vb pe mess de asta:)

  7. What kind of cake is that - is that Tiramisu? yummmmmm!

  8. @ sweet things to - no it's not a tiramisu, it's something similar to cheese cake and I use ladyfingers instead of the normal baked cake. very light and appropriate for the strawberry cheese filing. I made it up a couple of months ago.