white chocolate flower cake

Another thank you gift and another chocolate decorated cake!
Just the other day I was saying how much I missed decorating with chocolate and here is my third one for this week!!!!
hope you like it. It looked, unbelievably, gorgeous!!!!!
The photo is not doing it any justice at all, no time for photos, once again:)

It looked like a carnation (hoping this is a flower name, not sure that is how you say it in English).

two chocolate decorated cakes

It has been a while since I had to decorate a cake with chocolate. Today I had the opportunity to make two of them. I was looking forward to it, as I love chocolate decorations. I think the cakes look really good.
They were a "sweet" thank you gift.

Colorful Christening cake

A colorful Christening cake for which I had made the baby shoes a few days ago.
I really like how it turned out.

and here is a closer look at the cake toppers

I was such in a hurry when I took the pics I didn't even have time to clean the table before photographing the cake, as you can all see.

syringe cake

An original and different request, this time... a syringe cake. It was made for a pharmacist.
I am really happy with the result. I also added a medical prescription to it, including the name, age and the doctor's recommendation: one slice of cake/ day:)

my first baby shoes & the making of...

I will be doing a cake this Sunday for a Christening and I was asked to put on the last tire a pair of baby shoes and a pacifier. I was given the most specific instructions as well as pictures for the design and colors of both the topper and the cake itself.
I just hope I'll be able to please them.

This is my first time making baby shoes, so please keep that in mind. I made them tonight so that they have time to dry out.

This was the template I used for making my shoes and here come the pictures from the actual making of.

As you can see I do not own a stitching(hoping that's the right word:)) tool yet, so I improvised .

Do the stitching while the fondant is still flat on your table. I forgot to do it then, and so I had to do it after the shoe was assembled. more difficult this way.

Final shoes, left to dry out.

I hope this has helped some of the cake decorating beginners out there.

sunshine award

Thank you Florena's cakes for this beautiful award. Looking forward to some real sun shine.

First, I am going to pass this award to my precious daughter, Rebeca, as she is the sunshine of my eyes, so who better to receive this than her.
Second, I would like to offer this to a good friend of mine, Pili,who deserves it just for being herself. Happy to have you in my life, although so far away.

sweet ladybug baby cake

Made for welcoming into this world a sweet innocent little baby girl.
I've seen a very similar design on the internet a long time ago, and it stuck with me, so being given the opportunity to do whatever I wanted I made my version of it.
I think it was an appropriate design and I am happy with the way it turned out.

My first guest & her first fondant cake

Hello everyone, today I am going to introduce you all to a novice of the cake decorating.
Her name is Linda and she has a passion for cooking and lately for cake decorating.
I have been encouraging her to make a step right into this cake world and this is her very own and first fondant cake.

Obviously the date on her camera is not set properly:)))

I have given her several pointers after seeing the cake and I am soo looking forward to seeing her next cake!
I am sure we will see progress and I am also looking forward to her blogging with us soon.


Thomas the engine cake

This is my second try at this cake. The first one didn't even make it to the blog:) It was a big disappointment to me so I did not post it.
But I am pretty happy with the way my second one turned out, so here you have it.
There are many wonderful tutorials out there. All that I have seen are good. Just Google Thomas the engine cake tutorial and you will have several pages and videos as well.
My advice to you would be, to read them carefully and stick to them.
My mistake with the first one was its face. It absolutely needs to be done 3 days in advance and thus allowed to dry out completely before putting it on the cake; otherwise it will stretch and fall down and mess up your cake.

Christening cake

This is the cake I made for sweet Larisa Mihaela's Christening.
I also decorated the tables, but did not take pictures and I sooo regret it now.
I went with the angel theme. The colors I used were brown, white and gold.
So the cake tied in with the theme really well.
I just love it! It is definitely number 1 on my Christening cake list.
So delicate and sweet, perfect for a sweet delicate baby girl.

a close up of the cake

The angel on the top of the cake and the ones decorating the plate, were the ones I was left with after decorating the tables (not eatable).

pyramids & camel cake

The sand is brown/raw sugar mixed with crushed cookies. Pretty happy with it, although the camel needs some improving.

dress cake

Made for young lady turning 18 who studies arts and design. I am sure she would have given it a much better design, but I still hope she enjoyed it.

airplane cake

This was a more simple request... a plane

Danut is the name of the birthday guy, hence the Danut airlines:)

The aqua clouds were cotton candy. I really love how it turned out. Hope I am not the only one:)

ferrari & hippie cake

This was one of my most complex cakes:)
It was done for a guy who's dream was a red convertible Ferrari, his nick name was Tweety , he is a dental technician and his party theme was hippie.
I had to incorporate all theses elements in one cake.

So as you can see I gave him the red Ferrari.
I put a hippie tweety bird (making the peace sign with its hand)on top of it and also added the car's registration plate CJ 40 TWY at the back.

To incorporate his profession, I thought of adding teeth to the cake, and since it was a hippie party I disguised them all as hippie teeth:)
To be even more hippie I added lots of flowers and even some weed leaves.

So this is my Ferrari, hippie, Tweety and dental technician cake!

I hope he liked it and that he had a great party.

check out these cuties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex & his family with the cake...

a first taste...

getting ready to blow out the candles...

here we go...

blowing the candles....

happy to have done a good job...

still savoring the moment...

Alex with his cake...

one more taste...

eating the cake...

as cute as I can be...

not enjoying his champagne...:))

and this is my own little cutie! I was not going to post her, but I just couldn't help it! so I edited my post and uploaded one more photo of my pride and joy:)

two new awards

I got this award from My creative way, a blog I read frequently and that is very dear to me. Lots of great ideas in there. I just love her creativity and spirit. She also manages another blog, called Your creative way, where she shares other peoples creative ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world. Check them both out.
Thank you so much and keep on being creative.
I want to pass on this award to
Just me
La cocina de morenisa

And this is an award that I just love. Thank you Just me for giving this to me.
I would like to pass this on to everyone in my"blogs I read" list, as I do love all blogs that I follow. I think everyone is amazing and it states perfectly how I feel about their blogs, so please pick it up if you wish.
Raychel, Isabel, Bianca, Andreea...
I LOVE YOUR BLOGS .... GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beatiful blog award

Another award for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! this time from Florena's cakes.
Please check it out! great ideas in there.
I am giving this to:

Just me
Rebeca's world
Homemade cookies by Leo Flori
Lumea Fermecata si minunea mea de zi cu zi
Nina's recipes
My Creative way

thank you very much, I'm off to see my nephew:)))))

fish cake for Alex

This is the cake I made for my favorite nephew, Alex. He will be turning 2 tomorrow and I just can't wait to see him. I intend to post some pics with him and the cake, if I can get him to stand still:))
I chose to go with this simple design, as it will be a ~ 3 hour ride to my brother's house, so the cake needed to be easy to transport, so that nothing would happen to it in such a long drive. At least I hope so...:)
The cake was totally inspired from the book "Quick and Clever party cakes" by Lindy Smith. Great book by the way.

champagne bottle no 2

I was asked to do this again for a gentlemen and here is my second try at it. I think it came out better than my first, proportion wise. This time I didn't have any edible silver as my dear and helpful husband dropped the whole silver pearl dust container on the floor, so bye bye silver.
But the gray version looks better than I expected.