the best gift ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A while back I participated in a lovely initiative on yafa's blog. We were supposed to send a gift to another blogger and of course receive one from someone else. 
I thought it was a lovely gesture, you had the chance to send someone a gift and make someone's  day a little happier just because you wanted to. And let's not forget the element of surprise in the gift you were getting! I wanted to be a part of this for all of the above, little did I know that my gift would turn out to be the BEST GIFT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just read we are supposed to reveal our gifts a bit later but I just couldn't wait anymore. I am soooooo excited to show you all the wonderful things I got. Sorry to be disappointing some of you. I'll post again on the tenth, but in Romanian.
My gift comes from  Brandusa from Cooking with my soul, a lovely blog full of recipes which you should definitely not miss. 
This is what she sent me
2 cake decorating books: 
50 easy party cakes, by Debbie Brown
Sweet and simple party cakes, by May Clee-Cadman
The coolest gift anyone could have sent me!!!!! right?

look at all this cakes in debbie's brown book!!!!
just a quick sneak preview:) but I promise to post pictures from these books with all the instructions every time I make something from them.

Brandusa, THANK YOU sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
You have no idea how much your generosity touched me. I absolutely, totally love your gift. I couldn't have gotten a better gift! you totally brightened up my day!
And another thing, your gift came just on time! I am doing a Christening cake this weekend, and I've already decided to make fondant buttons for this cake. And guess what? One of the books has step by step instructions on how to make them!!!!!!!! I'll take pictures of the pages and show all of you how you can make them.


  1. Giovanna te pup si ma bucur ca ti-a placut cadouasul. A fost facut din toata inima. Sa le folosesti sanatoasa. Ce coincidenta cu tortul cu nasturi!

  2. E super cadoul primit de tine!!!! Sa folosesti cu placere cartile si sa ne incanti cu retetele si torturile tale.
    Si cand ai putea sa mai scanezi sau sa faci poze la torturi si cum se realizeaza:)

  3. heiii, nu azi trebuia postat!!!!! S-a prelungit termenul!!!! in rest, e super intr-adevar

  4. vezi ca cica nu trebuia sa postezi cadoul! se schimbase regula,cica trebuie sa posteze toata lumea in 10 iulie,dn cauza ca unele inca nu au primit cadoul...:)) dar nu-i nimic:))cred:)) frumoase carti:))sa le "reproduci"sanatoasa!

  5. always been a rebel girls:) it's in my blood. can't help it. :))))))))

  6. Es perfecto!!!
    Que lindos regalos y que generosa eres Giovanna, al compartir con nosotr@s alguno de estos tutoriales, que yo no me pienso perder.

    Un abrazo wapa.

  7. always been a rebel girls:) Thanks for sharing..