Spiderman themed cake

 A cake that was supposed to feed more than 40 people. 
So I went with two large round tiers and decorated them as Spidermanish:)) as I could.
 back of the cake

Love the fire hydrant and the street light. I think they add a lot to the scenery.

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mouse birthday cake

 Sofia turned 1 and her mummy sent me a picture of her favorite toy and asked me to make a two tier cake with the special toy on top. 

I want to tell you that when I delivered the cake and the little one saw her cake she reached out to grab her toy, smiling while doing so. You cannot imagine how happy her face made me. She actually recognized her favorite toy in my cake!

close up of the topper

and this is the real toy, and my guide while making the cake

BTcrest cake

BT's crest dressed up as a fairy:))) 
Those of you that live here and saw BT's commercials on TV can understand the humor in this.

pink Chanel purse

 a classic purse - a popular cake

Round cakes

A surf girl themed cake

For a mountain bike fan

For a little girl turning 1

Little Filip loves snails and swings

A Mickey and friends round cake. 
Pete could not be missing as he was the little girl's favorite and had to be there.

Hot dog cake

 This is the cake I made for my daughter three weeks back for her birthday party.
Lately, it seems that all she eats is hod dog so I thought it was the most appropriate cake:)

She wanted fries with it as well, and she actually made the fries herself. She cut the yellow fondant into strips and I painted over with a little brown to make them look even more realistic.

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FC Barcelona crest

For a Barcelona Football Club fan. 
Lucky for me there are plenty of football clubs so I'll not get bored easily:)


25  Mickey & Minnie mouse cupcakes

 here is Mickey!

 and Minnie

 32 green apples, very sweet:))

 a closer view

 Garfield characters, 
I was sent a picture of similar cupcakes and redid them.

 Hello Kitty cupcakes

Poker themed cupcakes along with a big heart and a shark cupcake.