NY, Florida & Cluj Napoca cake

Oh boy! oh boy ... this was a cake that had to include so many things.... I wasn't really sure how it would come out, but in the end I think it came out great!
I was asked to include NY and Florida in this cake, because they were important to Brian. Hence the big apple for NY and the Florida gator, palm tree and beach for Florida.
Cluj Napoca  was represented by Il caffe, which is a local coffee bar, where the birthday guy and his wife met, so it was special to him, hence the "Il caffe"coffee cup.
The airplane was another important element that I had to incorporate in the design.

Detail of the Florida gator. I did my homework:)

Close up of the coffee cup. The plate was real, not eatable.

Back of the cake... New York ... New York


  1. That is so freakin awesome! Great job girly :D I love love the coffe cup.

    Raychel - MyCreativeWay.blogspot.com

  2. Wouuuuuuu givanna ce tare e.........

  3. thanks Raychel, I hear the birthday guy didn't want to cut it. he took home the coffee cup:)

  4. beautiful! superb! misto! tare!....in legatura cu cupcakes-urile:trebuia sa iasa 24 dar mi-au iesit doar 17 pe primele 12 le=am prea umplut:)trebuia sa mai pun colorant sa fie rosii dar stii cum ii de prima data nu iasa tot...dar la gust sunt super bune pufoase ,moi...crema de branza le completeaza perfect! sper sa placa si invitatilor! merci inca o data pentru ajutor!:)am sa postez maine poimaine reteta! uite linku:http://blog.pinkcakebox.com/red-velvet-cupcakes-2006-12-09.htm! o duminica placuta!pup

  5. nu incetez sa ma mir de imaginatia si rabdarea ta !

  6. Ce frumoas e si tortul asta...cana de cafea e mortala cum ai facut-o!! Am mai vazut printre pozele tale si altele tot in genul asta. Super

  7. ce fel de colorant rosu folosesti tu ?

  8. eu folosesc colorant wilton. in acest caz tortul este si pictat cu pensula cu colorant rosu din kaufland, pt ca am vrut sa fie mai lucios nu asa mat.

  9. Giovanna, This was the best birthday cake I ever saw. Yes you are correct, I did not want to cut the Cafe Cup. But On Sunday, I brought it to the Family of the Cafe Shop and showed them what a wonderfull job you did, and we cut the cake. Not only was this cake the best looking cake I ever saw. I tasted great. You really are an expert in making cakes. FYI: New York is my Home Town as I am a New Yorker, Florida is my second home. Cluj Napoca is where my heart is, with my Wife Ligia.
    Thanks you So Much...

  10. Giovanna,
    Yes the comments were from the Birthday Boy.
    Thanks Brian

  11. hey Brian,

    I am soooo happy that you wrote to me.
    I am very happy that you liked your cake. I tried my best. Thank you for everything.