how to make and add your own email button

 After making my blog's button, I decided to change the email button I had, and make my own so it fitted nicely with my blog's design.
In order for you to make one for yourself you need to do the following:
  1. choose the image of your liking. It can be any photo, image that you have saved on your computer. I chose to use elements from my blog's design, that the very talented and generous Leelou Blogs and Michelle Unerwood  created and shared with us on their blogs, but you can chose whatever you like.
  2. open that image with a photo editing program and add text to it. write email me, contact me or what ever you please.Save the changes you made to you image. If it is a large image you would want to re size it. Do that.
  3. Go to your blog's layout, click add a gadget and then click the picture gadget.
  4. Then click browse and add your image.
  5. Above the image you have "link: http// ". Write mailto:your email address, nothing else. Erase http//. It should look like this mailto: This way when people click on your email button, their mail editor opens up automatically with your email address already typed in.
  6. Save the changes and view your blog. Test it out. It should work just fine.
I hope this has been helpful for some of you. 
Till tomorrow

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