football ball cake

I made this football ball for two boys. They are huge fans of CFR football team, hence the dark burgundy color on the ball, scarf and T-shirts. 
My husband made me one hexagon and one pentagon out of cardboard and I used those to mark the hexagon shapes on the ball.Then I made the stitches and  painted the pentagons.
I actually read this on another blog. I was planning on making it more difficult, by cutting out the shapes one by one and putting them on the cake.
So please check out Caroline's blog and read the actual post.
Thank you Caroline for sharing with us your method. You've been a great help!


  1. Glad I could help - the cake looks great!

  2. Great cake! Thanks for the link to Caroline's blog too!

  3. Todavía no he hecho ningún balón y le tengo ganas pero veo muy dificil forrar de fondant una esfera, a tí desde luego te ha quedado fantástico. Un beso.

  4. ya tienes razon. a esso va la bufanda al alrededor de la pelota.

  5. Giovanna,
    maravilloso te ha quedado el balón.
    He visto en el enlace que has hecho al otro blog, que el exágono se hace con un molde de cartón...Que curioso, nunca se me hubiera ocurrido.
    Gracias por compartir.

    Un abrazo.