pineapple @ Jamie Oliver

This is a dessert we enjoyed quite often while in Spain. It's a recipe I saw on TV a long time ago, courtesy of the famous and talented Jamie Oliver.  It is a definite must try!!!!!
It's very, very simple. All you need is fresh pineapple, fresh mint and a little bit of sugar.

You need to slice your pineapple into thin slices and put them on a plate. I went for a different presentation, as I was having guests over and I was trying to impress:)
Then chop some mint leaves and mix them with sugar and sprinkle the mixture all over your pineapple slices. 
You should let it rest for a couple of hours for optimum flavoring. I also recommend serving it cold.
It is absolutely amazing!!!!!! you have to try it. It is one of my favorites.


  1. I love pineapple - this look so yummy and a great presentation. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Asta de bine! Am punctat reteta. Besos!