how to color sugar

I am posting this to answer Simona's question of where to get colored sugar.
I make my own colored sugar, I do not buy it, as it comes in very small quantities and it is quite expensive.
This is how I make my colored sugar. 
You need: regular white sugar, which you pour into a plastic bag, and food coloring.

Add  one or two drops of food coloring, depending on how strong you want the color to be. you can add more after if you should need to.

Take the bag in your hands and start mixing the sugar so that the food coloring blends with the sugar. keep doing that until you have it all colored.

and voila! colored sugar. I keep mine stored in zipper plastic bags for a long, long time. When you want to use it again just mix it for two seconds and it is ready to be used again.
It is very easy. I hope this has been helpful Simona.


  1. Multumesc din suflet penru toata atentia care mi-o acorzii.

  2. Great tip, thanks Giovanna!