pumpkin & bee cake

This cake was made for 2 boys; one turning 4 and the other one turning 1!
They had a Carnival party and the 4 year old went as a pumpkin and the little one went as a bee. Hence, this cake's design.
As you can see I put 4 little bees on the pumpkin representing the boy's age, and a little pumpkin in front of the bee, representing the age as well.
I also had the boys' name written on each character.
I really hope they liked it.
Happy birthday boys!!!!!!!


  1. super super super tortu, felicitari! esti fantastica!

  2. Va multumim din suflet pentru aceasta opera de arta! A fost senzatia petrecerii! Si sa nu mai spun ca a fost si delicios...
    Fam. Boca

  3. superb tortul!!!
    Atat nepoteilor mei cat si invitatilor, le-a placut grozav!!

  4. muuuultumesc!!!!!! ma bucur mult ca le-a placut.cred ca au fost tare draguti deghizati langa tort. va pup multumesc