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Not a cake!!!....
instead I am happy to share with all of you some pieces of advice regarding cake decorating written by Carolyn from Blog Content Guild, a blog that highlights other creative and interesting blogs arround the world. 
I was contacted by Carolyn and asked if I was interested in a guest blog column and aftter reading her article on cake decorating 101:) I decided it was a good a idea to share it with my readers.
I want to mention that I stand by every piece of advice given by her, I think this is how one should really begin this adventure, this is how I did it at least.
So for all you beginners out there and not only please take the time to read it. It is very helpful!!

Meal Plan Tips: Cake Decorating 101

After seeing all of Giovanna’s cakes, you may be wondering, “How can I start cake decorating?” Here are some tips to help you get a handle on this meal plan and become a cake decorating pro.

Watch the Professionals

Find a great cake decorating or cooking show and watch closely. This will help you learn insider tricks while also giving you a visual example of how to decorate. You can learn how to make a reverse shell border on a cake, just by watching someone else do it. You will notice that many cake decorators hold their bags at a precise angle while decorating (usually 45 degrees), or that some chefs prefer certain decorating tips over others.

Get Professional Supplies

Sure, you can decorate a cake with everyday household items, but nothing gives you precision like professional tools. Stock up on basic tools like pastry bags, decorating tips, couplers, spatulas (one small and one large), and gel food coloring (which will not change the consistency of your icing like liquid coloring).

Start Small

Instead of tackling a whole cake, start with something small, like cupcakes first! Decorating a whole cake can be daunting, so it could help you out to start with something a little more manageable. Many bakers also practice on plates before jumping on the real thing. If you don’t like what you see on the plate, just scoop up the icing for reuse and try again.

Practice Makes Perfect

None of us are going to be spectacular cake decorators on the first try. Give yourself time to practice and keep at it! Always try new techniques and, eventually, you will create the perfect cake. 

Thank you Carolyn for taking the time to do this.

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  1. Felicitari, Giovanna! Intr-adevar, este o placere sa urmaresti blogul tau, nu doar pentru torturile minunate pe care le postezi, ci si pentru stilul tau incitant si sfaturile mai mult decat utile pe care le oferi cu atata generozitate. Cele de mai sus sunt exact ceea ce ii trebuie unui incepator.