Ava's Christening

 This is the cake I made for Ava's Christening. The colors were supposed to be pink and yellow. I went with pastel colors for this cake.

 I added a few sleeping babies on top of the mushrooms to make it even cuter:)

 The name was all glittery, fit for a fairy tale.

I also did for her some cookies, that were waiting their guests on the napkin:)
All the following pictures were taken with my phone, so excuse the image quality.

I also made some cupcakes for the candy buffet that I set up.
Of course, both the cupcakes and the cookies were made to match the cake:)

and here are a couple of phone quality photos:) of the candy buffet


  1. Ce frumos e tortul!!!!! Si bebelasii tai ma innebunesc cat sunt de frumosi...Si eu vreau o matrita dinasta...daca ai vreo posibilitate sa ma ajuti si pe mine...sa nu ma uiti te rog
    Te pusi

  2. foarte dragalas si finut, si briosele si biscuitii, frumos decor pt botez

  3. Superb! Si tortul, si briosele si bufetul!! De fapt, eu sunt topita dupa ideea de bufet cu dulciuri si tare trista ca nu am suficient timp niciodata sa pregatesc unul dupa pofta inimii... Pana cand voi avea, ma voi desfata cu ale tale :) Pup!

  4. Foarte frumos si finut tortul oar briosele sunt super,felecit draga,pup.

  5. Foarte frumos si tortul si briosele!

  6. what a wonderful selection of sweets!