Teen Titans tower cake

 Teen Titans is a TV animated show for children.  I chose to do their tower as the cake. 
Only now, I noticed the window lines are not straight! I cannot understand how you can look at a cake and not see these things when they are right in front of you.  It's funny how when you look at the picture you immediately spot them, but you cannot do anything about it.

 I hand modeled two of the characters on this show. I am sorry but I do not know their names.


  1. "ai probleme, chema-ne pe noi, TITANII! ..." atita stiu din genericul desenelor si cu asta ii stresez pe ai mei :)) deci nu trebuie sa scapi nici tu :P Chin mare sa pui ferestrele alea la linie, iar cind stai relaxat si te uiti la poza vezi toate defectele, deci sa nu ne mai uitam la poze dupa ce le facem ;) E frumos si gata, urmatorul!

  2. Copii mei se uita la desenele asta ca i-am auzit vorbind:)) Nu stiu ce e. Oricum frumos tortul...like always:P

  3. Personal, nu cunosc personajele, dar ce vad eu...este un tort PERFECT! Foarte reusit, asa a spus baiatul meu!Te pup!

  4. Avatar. Super realizat. Felicitari!!!