3 tiers of colors

 Made for a little princess turning 1. 
I was given a photo from the "Avantaje" magazine with a similar cake and asked to make it. The original was constructed differently on a tilted supporting system, and we went for the simple one on top of the other style, but I did keep all the other elements.
 right side view

left side view


  1. Foarte dragut!! De abia astept sas fac si eu primul meu tort supraetajat:))

  2. foarte vesel, numai bun pt pustoaice de 1 an. Imi place ca faci etajele inalte si asta iti permite sa te joci cum vrei cu decorul.

  3. Preciosa Giovanna!! siempre tus trabajos de 10!!

  4. @ las pacas - gracias. demasiado buena con migo.

    @ ccris - de aceea le fac inalte sa arate bine sa pot face ceva cu ele. altfel un tort jos ca cele din comert cum ar arata stacked unul peste altul? chiar rau as indrazni sa zic.

    @ bianca - multumesc. iti tin pumnii. sunt sigura ca o sa te descurci.

    @ just me - multu draga. te-ai bronzat un pic?

    @ lena tartan - thanks.

  5. Foarte elegant si vesel! Felicitari Giovanna!

  6. imi place ca-i si elegant si vesel,datorita culorilor!super!

  7. This is a very pretty cake. I'm planning to make a cute cake for my baby girl's birthday. Can you suggest me some really good basic decorating book? thx :)

  8. hey, I am sorry I cannot suggest any books, but you can definitely use the internet to find out all the info that you need. just google how to cover a cake in fondant, how to butter cream a cake, you will find tons of videos and recipes explaining you what to do. This is how I started. the rest comes with practice. As an advice, for your first times, use wilton fondant to cover your cakes. very good texture, easy to work with, etc.