two chocolate & fruit decorated cakes

I have been quite busy doing cakes the past few days and I am going to share each and everyone of them with you all. Even the ones that have been a bit disappointing to me:)
But lets start with my chocolate decorated cakes. Wish I had fresh fruits for decorations.

This first one , was dark chocolate mousse, whipped cream and fruits. I was not to supposed to use and milk or milk related products. When using dark chocolate, look on the back and read the ingredients. Some brands use powdered milk even in dark chocolate. I was able to find a brand that did not.

My second one was yogurt mousse and fruits. No restrictions here.
I love this type of cakes.


  1. superbe! eu nu inteleg cum faci tu minunatiile astea din ciocolata...mie nu vor sa imi iasa nici in ruptul capului (ma refer la chestii mult mai simple, nu la capodopere ca ale tale)... oricum, speachless! ;)