"know your limits" cake

Although I wasn't even going to post this, as it shows how bad I am at certain things, in the end I decided to do just that. I guess I felt I should be courageous enough and let people know about my failures.
I call this cake " know your limits" cake.
I was supposed to model a cute baby disguised as a bunny to put it on top of my cake. Well.... you can all see how good I am at modeling realistic characters.
I feel it ruined what it could have been a beautiful and sweet cake. So I have decided that from now on I will not do any realistic modeled figures for my cakes. This is obviosly not my thing and I feel it ruins the beauty of the cakes.
This is a close up of the cake without the topper.

much better! ... right?

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  1. imi pare rau ca nu ti-a iesit bebele..oricum nu te da batuta:)vad ca ai muncit mult in ultima vreme:)sper sa fi busy mereu:)