ferrari & hippie cake

This was one of my most complex cakes:)
It was done for a guy who's dream was a red convertible Ferrari, his nick name was Tweety , he is a dental technician and his party theme was hippie.
I had to incorporate all theses elements in one cake.

So as you can see I gave him the red Ferrari.
I put a hippie tweety bird (making the peace sign with its hand)on top of it and also added the car's registration plate CJ 40 TWY at the back.

To incorporate his profession, I thought of adding teeth to the cake, and since it was a hippie party I disguised them all as hippie teeth:)
To be even more hippie I added lots of flowers and even some weed leaves.

So this is my Ferrari, hippie, Tweety and dental technician cake!

I hope he liked it and that he had a great party.

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