dino cakes

These cakes were done for a pair of 2 year old twins.
Boy, did I have a hard time deciding what to do for them,being just 2 years old.
The cakes were three layers of chocolate mousse (white chocolate, dark and milk chocolate).
The inspiration was found in the "50 easy party cakes" book, by Debbie Brown.

Aceste doua torturi au fost facute pentru 2 gemeni de 2 ani.
mi-a fost foarte greu sa ma decid ce sa le fac.
Torturile au fost 3 straturi de mousse de ciocolata (alba, neagra si cu lapte).
Inspiratia mi-am gasit-o in cele din urma in cartea celebrei Debbie Brown, "50 easy party cakes"

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  1. These are so cute!

    Raychel From MyCreativeWay.blogspot.com