Go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Sara and Andrada are two best friends that celebrated their birthday together. 
They wanted their cake in pastel colors, to have two guitars on top and to be on 3 tiers.
I think I have done all that:) right?

The girls turned 10 so I had to show it off in big style:)

 In order to accentuate the girly feel I used stars, kisses, hearts, music notes, guitars; all in pastel colors , of course.
 They also wanted their cake to sparkle, so edible glitter was the obvious choice.


  1. Ce super e!!! Si urias ca deobicei!!!
    Apropo... am avut tort cu hannah si am uitat sa folsoesc chitara:)) Ca tot am vazut-o la tine:)) Off...

  2. foarte girly si foarte frumoase culorile. Ti-a iesit minunat

  3. Superb draga ca de obicei,felicitari.