Farm animal cupcakes

These cupcakes have a special story behind them. 
First, my daughter Rebecca helped me decorate them and second, they were made for a good cause.

We are fortunate enough that our daughter gets to go to a private school, where they teach sooo much more than math and literature, where they teach them the real values in life.

On Friday, the school organized a charity event, where everyone sold things to raise money for a little girl that has cancer.
This year Rebecca's class got to sell cookies and sweets. Last year they sold their toys.
So we made these cupcakes for her to contribute to this grand gesture.
Among all the children that go to her school they raised 1500 RON to be donated on their behalf!
I am so proud and happy to see my daughter involved in such significant gestures.


  1. felicitari, Rebeca! si tie, Giovanna, ca-s haioase briosele

  2. Ce animale haioase ai facut! super frumoase cupcakes-urile!

  3. Superb gestul,minunate cupcakes-urile!!!

  4. Ce frumoase sunt... si pentru o cauza foarte nobila. Felicitari rebecai si tie.. pupici

  5. o buna initiativa si educativa in acelasi timp !nostime cupcakes-uri !

  6. Felicitari amandurora! Este un gest minunat, iar briosele sunt tare dragalase.