baby cakes

 made for 1 year old Alexandra. her mum sent me a pic of Alexandra's crib carousel and I modeled the three little baby bees for her first birthday cake.
I of course added some flowers and buttons to complete the image. And yes, I so do LOVE buttons. I think they are sooo cute. I think I should start collecting them:)

 And another round cake made for welcoming a little baby girl into this world. 
I went with an autumn theme, as winter is almost here and I still haven't done anything on autumn:)))
 I added some baby foot prints on the board to enhance the baby theme.

baby pumpkin and pea baby:)


  1. foarte dragute torturile, cea mica sigur a fost fericita

  2. Giovanna, son de una ternura exquisita, enhorabuena.

    Xtos xula.

  3. Ce dragute sunt!!! Ambele. Bebele dovlecel mortal!!!

  4. Ambele torturi sunt absolut superbe. Papuselele alea mici sunt adorabile. :*