zebra pattern cake

I love this cake. I love the zebra pattern and the contrasting pink. I think it is a great combination, fit for a girl.
I use the clouds on many of my pictures lately, as I take the photo on the table where I work, so there are always so many things in the frame, that I have to cover afterward. It would be easier to just take the cake somewhere else, but....


  1. that is a very good cake and i am looking to find on that i could get for my own birthday party! and i just love that cake so much i would like to know if you sell them or know where i could get things to make it just like u did!

  2. i live in romania, cluj.
    where are you from?
    To make one for yourself, make a round cake, cover it all in butter cream, buy a pack of white fondant, black and pink icing colors, then roll out your white fondant and cover the cake with it.
    if you have no experience with fondant it will cost you to cover it straightly and i suggest you leave it covered in butter cream. then color some fondant black, roll it out and with a knife or pizza cutter cut out zebra like patterns. glue them to your cake as you please, by brushing the stripes with some water.
    to make the roses, color another piece of fondant pink roll it out, cut equal 2 inch stripes. fold the stripes and then roll them to make a rose.
    just google how to make fondant roses, etc, you will find everything you need.