Christening cake

Made for a baby girl. Inspired from a cake seen on the web.
... and I'm off to put the finishing touches on Rebeca's cake. Tomorrow we party!!!
oh, and yes, Rebeca is my precious daughter:)

Tort facut pentru botezul unei fetite.
... plec sa termin tortul pentru Rebeca, fetita mea. Maine avem party!


  1. I love it!! I love the shape!

    How'd you get it like that? (if you don't mind me asking) Also, what type of wiring do you use?? I use wire for flowers... should I use that or something else??

    Well.... you did a great job : )

    Raychel -

  2. thank you so much. i am very flattered by your question. someone actually thinks i know what I am doing!:))) i have very little things available to me here in romania. so I use whatever I can find. i used a type of wire that is coated in plastic, which i remove before usage. it is cheap and does the job. there are no cake supply shops here. please leave me your email. we'll talk more.
    PS. I loooooved your family photos.