RKT how to

As so many of you have asked me about this RKT I have decided to do this explanatory tutorial for you all. 
RKT means rice krispy cereals and it is so light and easy to work with as it molds easily and once dry never changes its shape.
Up to now I have been using "salam de biscuiti" for modeling a large animal and putting it on a cake. It works fine, it is just that it is too heavy. I saw the use of RKT on Cake boss and on other cake decorating shows I watch so one day I decided to give it a try.
So here comes the home made version of RKT.
 Tastes really good too!

 300 gr of marshmallows (bought from Lidl)
300 gr of rice cereals (bought from Kaufland)

 melt the marshmallows in a large pot

 keep stirring until it is all melted. Do not worry about caramelizing a little bit, it does not harm your composition.

 Add the 200 gr bag of rice cereals and mix with the spoon.

 Then, in a large bowl put the 100 gr bag of rice cereals and put the marshmallow mixture over it and start incorporating it all with your hands. I put a little butter on my hands so it does not stick to my hands. Not much though!
Leave it for 5 minutes to chill and than give it the shape that you want.

I made a round shape that I used as a bear's head afterward. You need to leave your RKT harden for several hours before using it. It will harden rapidly but it is best to leave it as much as you can. From one day to the next it will be as hard as a rock but light as a feather:))
If you do not give it enough time, it might start to crack once you start adding fondant on it.
I hope this has been pretty explanatory and that it answers everyone's questions.
Happy caking everyone!


  1. mai, mai foarte complete explicatii,multumim frumos.acu' daca ne-ai mai da si ceva talent la modelat ar fi perfect.cel putin in cazul meu care's bolovan cand vine vorba de decorat.pupici


  3. merci giovanna. am tot vazut la buddy valastro cum modela blatul de cereale, dar nu gaseam nicaieri o reteta.

  4. Muchiiiiisiiiiiimas gracias por este tutorial Giovanna.
    Está muy clarito y parece fácil.
    Yo nunca he usado esta tecnica, pero ahora con tu explicación igual pruebo.

    Un abrazo.

  5. Giovanna, you are so sweet. Your explanation, in picture... everything is easy to understand. The fact that you are a great cake designer everyone knows it, but you are a great teacher too. So thank you for everything you learn us.
    Giovanna, you are my favorite artist!

  6. Multumesc Giovanna pentru explicatii,sper sa pot pune in practica ce ai aratat.

  7. Multumim, Giovanna! Ai fost o super draguta sa impartasesti cu noi aceste informatii! Pupici!

  8. Si eu fac acest blat de cereale si-mi place tare mult cum se lucreaza cu el. Adaug si putin unt atunci cand topesc mm.
    Totusi, ultima data cand l-am facut nu s-a intarit foarte bine, a doua zi era inca putin moale, se putea deforma. In general se intarea bolovan, cum ai zis si tu si puteam aseza pe el fara nicio grija o decoratiune mai grea.
    Cu toate astea Cake Boss il modeleaza foarte usor, e moale si flexibil la el... Oare cum trebuie sa fie acest blat de cereale?

  9. @ luminita- si eu sunt ca inceput cu rkt=ul. inca invat. si la fondant inca invat si lucrez cu el de ani de zile:))) eu nu pun unt decat pe mana, altfel nu stiu cum s-ar intari. dar am sa mai research pe tema asta, acum ca vine vacanta... Multumim lui D-zeu pentru internet:)

  10. Multumesc Giovanna pentru generozitatea ta de a impartasii cu noi multe din tainele,realizari si deocorarii torturilor

  11. Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing with us!! :*

  12. e posibil ca Cake Boss sa aiba un RKT mai special, ca la ei gasesti "toate alea" gata facute ;)

  13. Aha...acum am priceput.Eu am facut cum m-a taiat capul...nu stiam ce sa-i mai pun sa se lipeasca orezul si am adaugat si niste ciocolata.De fapt mai trebuia mm...merci mult pentru tutorial.

  14. Multumim ptr. reteta. In loc de unt ptr. ungerea mainilot noi am folosit apa.

  15. Buna Giovana,

    Multumim pt tot!
    Am insa o intrebare: cand se pune fondant pe acest RKC, se procedeaza la fel ca la torturi? sau fondantul se lipeste imediat? (desi nu cred :)

    multumesc mult!

  16. @ lumi - eu il pun direct peste. probabil ca sunt si ate metode.

  17. Multumesc mult Giovanna!

    Mult succes si sunt foarte incantata de ceea ce vad aici :)

    o zi buna!

  18. fondantul se lipeste direct? are aderenta? si daca se intareste f tare, se mai poate taia? eu treb sa fac un tort numai din asa ceva.... multumesc frumos! anca

  19. @ anca - da are aderenta. dar va trebui sa il nivelezi inainte altfel ti se vor vedea toate denivelarile. de taiat da se poate taiat e orez expandat. dar nu se taie ca un tort, evident.